We would like ask you all to pick up a copy of January’s Horse Illustrated.  It has several horse rescue success stories, and one of them features Hope, who we rescued and adopted into a great home.

   Wednesday Kirsty was busy working with the horses and took Bella for a walk.  Shadow and Parcy came up to the fence to say hello.  Bella could care less about them.

Kirsty did some different exercises with Bella, getting her used to following people, and showing that even though humans ask her to do strange things, it’s OK.  One of those strange things was to stand calmly with her hoof in a tire.

Next it was up and over a little pile of dirt.  She did a great job.  Kirsty wants to expose the horses to as much as possible, not just round pen work.

Next it was Bonnie’s turn and she did all the same exercises that Bella did.  It’s always good to get as much diversity in the horses training as possible.

We needed another load of bedding to come in, and soon a semi was backing up with its first trailer load.

Once the first trailer was all empty, he backed up with the second trailer.

Soon he was unloaded, paid, and on his way.  This bedding will last quite a few months and make the animals safe and comfortable during their stay at the shelter.

The chickens were happily scratching around looking for good things to eat out back.  Then one of them made the call that something new was at the shelter.

The roosters just had to investigate the new bedding.  They walked all through it, examining it, trying to figure out what this fluffy new stuff is.

Thursday morning bright and early two rescue rigs were hooked up and headed out.

It was a very long drive all the way to the edge of California, but finally they were nearing their destination.

The first group of Extreme Rescue Makeover horses were waiting to be loaded up and be taken to our shelter.

Before long they were in the trailer.  They looked out of the trailer wide eyed with curiosity.  Each of the horses are branded with a “N” as they are rounded up by the state of Nevada before they were rescued and brought to California.

We don’t get as many flat tires as we used to, but it was our unlucky day.

Jason and Larry got to work and soon the spare was put on and they were back on down the road.

The sun was set by the time they made it back to the shelter.  There was still just enough light to back up to the unloading chute.

All the horses unloaded safely and are waiting for qualified trainers to enter the contest with them.  This group of horses seem to be very sound mind who should be easy to train for people who are experienced with horses.  There are a few more spots available in the contest, if you are interested please get your application in now.  There is a $5,000 grand prize waiting for the winner, maybe you?  If we get enough trainers signed up in a general area in California we will transport the horses for free.  Please visit our website for more information, click here.

Thank you all for your support!