The Extreme Rescue Makeover is coming right along.  We need trainers and experienced horse people to apply and so we can get their applications processed.  The horses will be available to be picked starting on the 26th, first come, first choice for approved contestants.  For more information, visit the website, fill out the application and sign up.  The horses in this group will be very nice to train, they are mostly all friendly and will approach people to be scratched.  They do not have any training and are wild, feral horses.

We finally saw some rain at the shelter on Saturday.  It’s so nice that our facility has room for all the critters to get out of the rain, even the cows.

We had a truck pull in with lots of little crates in the back of it.  It was a delivery of roosters from an Animal Control.  It was a long drive for them, but they have made the drive before as we are the only group that is open door for not only horses, but for roosters too.

One by one the crates were unloaded and brought into a stall where cages were waiting for them.

All in all 14 roosters were surrendered.  They were put in the cages to get used to the area, then after dark when all the roosters were roosting they would be put on some of the favorite perches for the night.

Kristy was busy working with Sunny.  She is such an adorable, cute little filly.

She is doing really good with Kirsty’s training and we are hoping that the right family will come along and adopt her soon.  Her adoption fee is $100 to an approved home.

Judy had a surprise visitor in the office.  Bella came to say “Hello” and see if she could help with filing the papers or anything else.  Judy told her thanks for offering, but she has it all under control.

The Makeover horses had a trainer, who has applied, come see them in person.  They are such beautiful horses and we were excited to show them off.

Kirsty is envious of the trainers that will be training this group of horses.  The horses in last years competition were challenging and very wild compared to this group.  These guys are very curious, and want to smell you and some of them like being pet.  They also seem to be very level minded and should be nice easy horses to train.

Kirsty has been working with Domino, who came to us as a young stallion, who is now a gelding in training.  She has been working with him under saddle, and  today would be the day of his first ride.

She has gotten him used to standing there while she mounts and dismounts, but now it was time for him to get used to walking with the weight of a human on his back.

Tawnee saddled up her horse to pony Domino around so he could walk beside a horse with a human on it and see that everything was OK.  Domino is doing absolutely great and he is very easy going.  He is very level headed and flashy too!

Domino got lots of praises for being so good on his first ride.

Next it was Splash’s turn to go out on her first trail ride around the shelter.  You might have noticed that everyone is wearing jackets and trying to stay warm as it was a breezy, cool day.

Splash is still green but seemed to enjoy her ride.  She wasn’t paying too much attention to Kirsty with all the new sights to be seen.

One of those new sights was the pond.  Splash, not paying any attention to Kirsty, headed right in to go for a swim.

Then decided it wasn’t that fun, and the water was cold, so she turned abruptly, which sent Kirsty flying into the water.

Splash thought it was great fun living up to her name and giving Kirsty a great big splash in the pond.  Kirsty ended the ride sooner than expected and headed back to get some dry clothes on.

After all the roosters at the shelter were asleep it was time to get the new roosters out and settled for their first night.  The big barn lights were turned on and the new roosters were carried out and put up to sleep for the night.

The resident roosters did not like the lights on and soon the whole barn was in an uproar with protesting roosters.  When the lights were turned off everything went back to normal.

Thank you all for your support!