The Extreme Rescue Makeover horses are doing great at the shelter, waiting until trainers will be picking them up and starting their training on the 26th.

All the ERM horses were rounded up by the state of Nevada and all have an N freeze brand on them.  Along with the freeze brand…

…they were also microchipped.  We weren’t sure if Nevada used an off brand chip or not, but some of the horses were friendly enough that Tawnee could walk up and scan them.  As you can see from the photo, some of them really don’t mind humans at all.

Angel, the blind filly, has noticed that there is some noise on top of the stall divider occasionally.

Four little Bantam Sebrights love flying up and perching on the dividers.  Most of the other roosters at the shelter are a little too heavy to pull this off, but these guys love flying up and looking down at the rest of the world.  No doubt they are laughing inside at the big roosters who can’t do what they can.

Meanwhile Jason headed out to pick up a couple horses that were involved in an Animal Control case.  The horses were left behind months ago by tenants who left the property and left them abandoned behind, running loose and fending for themselves.  The land owner decided to surrender them to us.

The land owner was able to corral them up.  Jason backed the trailer up to the pen, but they weren’t interested in getting in.

After some work and constructing a chute out of a handy gate, they were safely in the trailer waiting to head out.

It was long after dark by the time the horses made it back to the shelter.  They unloaded and settled in safely with a bunch of yummy food and nice clean water.  No doubt these are things they haven’t enjoyed in plenty for a long time.

Generally the blog would be over, but Petuna and Daisy’s adopter was ready to take them home.  She had a tarp down in her car and lots of blankets for them to snuggle in for the ride home.

They hollered and screamed, but finally they were loaded up.  Daisy was happy to snuggle up in a blanket once she figured out what was going on.

Thank you all for your support!  It is what makes rescuing and adopting animals like the ones in this blog possible.