Angel Update

We would like to update you on Angel, the little blind foal at our shelter who is a permanent resident.

When we rescued Angel she was scared and confused.  She was also very sick.  Her little life was only worth $5 at the auction.  She had been dumped at two auctions, she had 2 different auction tags glued on her.  We cannot imagine how scared and confused she was at the auctions.

Once at our shelter she had to go into quarantine.  The vet examined her eyes and told us that she has juvenile cataracts.   Her mother probably had a deficiency that caused her blindness, and the first time she opened her eyes she was blind.  Since she was in quarantine and couldn’t be around other equines, Jeffry the goat was introduced as her companion.  They’ve gotten along great, but the vet thought it would be best if she had an equine companion for lifelong seeing eye buddy so she doesn’t start thinking she’s a goat.

Finally Angel was all healthy and her quarantine was lifted by the vet.  She could finally be around other equines!  Angel said “Goodbye” to Jeffry.

Jeffry was so happy to rejoin his buddies in the shelters goat and sheep pen.

We would like you to meet Little Dee, a miniature donkey.  He came to us as an owner surrender.  Little Dee’s buddy was extremely old and in poor health.  His buddy was given the Last Act of Kindness, leaving Little Dee a bit lonely.  He has been looking for a new buddy.

We were so excited that the day had finally come when he could be introduced to Angel.  Angel has a double stall, and she ran into the other stall, peaking around the corner, listening carefully, trying to figure out what the new creature was.

She was absolutely delighted by her new friend.  Their meeting was videoed and it was so adorable.

Now that Angel is no longer in quarantine they have a nice pen with a big paddock.  Little Dee and Angel should have about the same amount of life expectancy, hopefully they can spend many many happy years together.  Little Dee is going to be fitted with a bell so it will be easier for Angel to hear him.

To watch their video, click here.  It is so cute!

Thank you all for your support!