Jennifer Bradley

I want to make this statement for all who have wondered, but Jennifer Bradley is merely a fake Facebook account.  I normally don’t get into this, as the founder of Horse Plus I try to focus on the animals and the needs at the shelter, but I have seen this floating around the internet, consuming animal lovers time, trying to figure out who she is.  Let me tell you, this is a fake Facebook account, someone is just trying to stir up trouble.

So who is the girl in the Facebook profile photo?  Her name is Rachel, and her mom wrote up a blog about her daughter growing up on a farm.  The girl in the photo is not Jennifer, it is someone completely different named Rachel, and the photo was stolen.  If you would like to see the blog where the photo came from, click here. 

On the fake Facebook page outlandish things are said just to try and stir up as much trouble as possible.  This such as “To all you anti slaughter people, I dare you to come to our ranch and try to stop us from slaughtering horses. You all are a bunch of cry babies who only talk s*&$ and make up lies.”

I also generally don’t get into drama like this, but when they start stealing things from Horse Plus they are asking for it.  The person running the fake account posted up that her husband just got home from an auction with 44 fat horses.  They posted a picture, which just happens to have our website watermarked on it, and was used in our blog not long ago as we were unloading the Extreme Rescue Makeover horses.  I am in the photo, so I definitely know for sure the person with the fake Jennifer Bradley Facebook account is a fake.  After posting our photo the fake person commented that it was time to unload and feed them.  Not true!

You also see many pictures like this one, with claims of “Our over night holding pens” etc.

Their “overnight holding pen” photo was stolen from Animal Angels website.  It is NOT Jennifer Bradley’s holding pen.   To see Animal Angels webpage where the photo was stolen, click here.

Another photo with claims of a feedlot on the south end.  And yet again, this photo was stolen.  To see the source, click here.

Another photo with claims of “Getting horses loaded on semi to head to Canada.”

Not true, it’s simply a stock photo where they tried to Photoshop out the watermark, but they didn’t do a good job.  To see it, click here.

What was kind of funny, halfway through my research the person must have gotten a “guilty conscience” for using a picture of a little girl, and decided to update the profile with a group of women.


   I tracked down that photo too, and it’s yet another stolen photo.  To see the source, click here.

The fake person posted up some more photos, which are yet again photos stolen from Animal Angels website.  To see the source, click here.

So, here’s what we know.  The Facebook account of Jennifer Bradley is a fake, not a real person shipping horses out to slaughter.  We do know that there are dozens, and probably hundreds, of pure evil people, who we call killer buyers, just like Jennifer pretended to be, who do ship horses out every day, every week, every month, all year round.  Those people don’t waste their time posting on Facebook, they just do their dirty, rotten deeds in secret as best they can and try to avoid the spotlight.  That about sums it up, please share this post far and wide, spread the word that the Jennifer Bradley profile is fake and just someone trying to cause trouble.

Thanks for reading!  – Tawnee Preisner, vp and co-founder of Horse Plus Humane Society