Steve is back working at the shelter.  Sadly his “adoption” failed (for those of you who don’t know, he moved away after getting engaged) and he was returned to the shelter.  We are more than happy to have him back and will be screening potential homes for him more thoroughly.  It is great having him part of the team.

He got right to work making the  round pen look great.  The harrow needed more weight, so Kirsty hopped on.

It turned out perfect and Kirsty had a fun time riding something other than a horse.

Domino is doing excellent with his riding lessons.  He is getting more and more comfortable with Kirsty on his back.

He is going to be a great horse for a lucky someone.  If you are looking for a nice young project horse, who has gotten over the hurdle of having a human on his back, please contact us.

Cheyenne, who is in the Extreme Rescue Makeover, was brought back.  He was not happy in his new home and paced constantly.  The trainer was concerned for his well being, and brought him back.

She picked out Surfer and we hope that he will do absolutely great for her.

Jason and Steve headed out to pick up some donkeys that couldn’t stay in their home any more.  Some large dogs had been chasing them and their owner was fearful that they could be attacked and injured or killed.

Before long the little mini donkeys were in the trailer heading to the shelter.

Thelma and Louise are so incredibly cute!  It is a mother and daughter pair.

The momma donkey, Thelma, is friendly and halter trained.

Louise, on the other hand, is shy and leery of humans.  She was never halter trained.  They both are so adorably cute and looking for a new home.  If you are interested in adopting them, please contact us.

Thank you all for your support, it’s what makes rescuing animals like the ones in this blog possible.