There is a great opportunity to support Angel and get a t-shirt to show your support of animal rescue.  A portion of the t-shirt sales will go to help Angel and other horses like her.  In the post Hendricks Boards first put up it was a little confusing as Angel is already safe, but she does need continued support at the shelter.  We have contacted Hendricks Boards to hopefully have it reworded to be clearer.  To see Angel’s campaign, click here.  We do want to thank Hendricks Boards in a huge way for helping spread awareness about our never ending rescue efforts!

Sunday Thelma and Louise were put in adoption pending!  We knew they wouldn’t stay at the shelter long, they are just too incredibly tiny and cute.

We had a very nice lady come out to the shelter who had been out a few months ago and remembered a certain rooster she really liked.  She asked about him, and he was still available.  She was so delighted to take this handsome boy home.  After she arrived home she made an incredibly generous donation to our Last Act of Kindness program.  We can’t thank her enough!

Monday Steve was busy deep-cleaning the stalls.  They needed to be stripped down to dirt and refilled with nice fluffy clean bedding.  He also got some of the horses moved around.  Bella and Bonny (the two in the back) were placed into adoption pending and will be heading to their new home soon.

We had two more trainers for the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest come out and look at the horses.

They chose Dude and Sarge as their partners in the contest.  They waited patiently while the loading area was set up.

They were good boys and hopped right in.

There is going to be a lot of competition here as both these trainers are from the same ranch, and no doubt they will be keeping a close eye on their nearest competitor.

Our stalls are getting a makeover!  Steve has been busy painting and cleaning, he is getting so much done!

Thank you all for your continued support, we couldn’t rescue, rehab and adopt into loving homes horses and donkeys like the ones in today’s blog without you.