Tuesday morning after all the chores were done Kirsty was busy loading Bonnie up into the trailer.

Bella, too, was loaded up.  They were heading to their new home together.  This is the last of the horses we rescued from Nevada back in August.  They are both pregnant mares.

Once they were loaded up Jason and Steve hit the road.

After Bonnie and Bella left, Kirsty got to work on Domino.  He was a little perturbed that the girls had to leave, but settled down after awhile.

Steve and Jason arrived at Bella and Bonnie’s home.  Bella inspected her new home and decided it was very nice.

They will get to spend their pregnancy together, no doubt their babies will have a lot of fun playing together.  Their adopted family just loves them and is looking forward to the new babies with this adoption.  Remember, if you want a baby horse, please adopt a pregnant mare or a foal, don’t breed!  There are too many horses going to slaughter to even consider breeding right now.

The next stop was to pick up 2 ponies that had been abandoned.  Snowman looked at the trailer curiously, where was he going this time?

Ginger, a little mare, is super sweet and very easy to catch.  They both loaded up in the trailer with no problem at all and were soon on the road to the next destination.

Meanwhile, back at the shelter, Thelma and Louise were getting ready for their vet checks.

The vet really enjoyed meeting them.  They are so cute and tiny.  They had to get their health certificate and coggins as they are being adopted out of state.

The vet looked at the remaining Extreme Rescue Makeover horses.  Some were pulled due to confirmation or lameness that was detected.

One of the Makeover horses has a blue eye and the vet checked him out to make sure he has sight in that eye.

The vet determined he does have sight in his eye and cleared him to continue waiting for his partner in the competition.

The vet checked out Phoneix too.  Both his front knees are fused from his racing days.  Despite having fused knees, he still kicks his heels up for joy once in awhile.  He started running and tripped, causing what the vet believes is a fracture in the fuse.  We are really hoping he will be OK, only time will tell.

Parcy got vet checked too.  The vet says he is in great health and enjoying life to the fullest.  He is one lucky steer!

Kirsty was giving Louise a leading lesson.  Louise doesn’t think it’s any fun doing school.

Thelma and Louise also got their microchips and vaccinations.  They will be all ready to go once their health certificates and coggins come back from the vet.

Kirsty thought it would be neat to introduce Thelma to Little Dee, Angle’s seeing-eye donkey.

He was quite impressed with seeing another little donkey his size.  Angel thought she was hearing double.  It was a lot of fun for them and very cute.

Meanwhile, Steve and Jason arrived at the last stop for the day.  This is Poppy, a 16 year old off the track Thoroughbred.  Poppy’s owner passed away and he needed to come to the shelter.  Poor Poppy had not been let out of his stall / paddock where he was being boarded for 7 years.

Poppy was a little hesitant about getting into the trailer.  He didn’t want to get in with the ponies in the front compartment, so the ponies were unloaded.  Then he hopped right in, and the ponies were loaded up behind him.  Then it was the long drive back to the shelter.

At the shelter the roosters were busy watching the sun set.  They think it’s hard work making sure the place is kept scratched and clean, and they go to bed quite early.

Long after dark, Jason and Steve got back to the shelter.  The ponies were the first ones to unload.

They were happy to see the food and water waiting for them, and got right to work munching it down.

Poppy was also happy to get some nice food and water, it’s been a very exciting day for him.  He’s been in the same stall and paddock for 7 years, and now all of a sudden he’s in a new place with lots of new sights and sounds.

Thank you all for your support, emotional and financial.