We have a horse come into the shelter that we would like to highlight.  Her name is Lung-Ta.  She is an Irish Draught cross.  We have never had an Irish Draught in the shelter before.

Lung-Ta is only 5 years old and is 16 hands tall. She has been well started as a 3-day eventer when it was discovered she had a very small/minimal amount of arthritis in her right stifle. Her owner decided to end Lung-Ta’s career as an Eventer BEFORE the horse suffered any further ill effects of such a rigorous career.  Lung-Ta’s owner had her vet check Lung-Ta all out and says she is still very capable of becoming a wonderful Hunter/ Dressage (knows 1st level) horse and can still do jumping up to about 3′. Our Trainer has not yet done a full evaluation on her yet but the preliminary ride went great.  Her sire is “Bridon Beale Street” a registered Irish Draught, for more information about him, click here.

There is a video of Lung-Ta doing some jumping.  You can see what an absolutely stunning horse she is in the video: click here. 

If you are interested in adopting Lung-Ta, we recommend putting a hold on her.  In cases like this we often get multiple holds, adoption are first come first serve if it is a good match and the adoption application is approved. Any other holds can be refunded.  To put an adoption hold on Lung-Ta, visit our donation page, click here.  Her adoption fee is $400.

We would also like to feature one of our latest National Gelding Assistance stories.  A lady was on Facebook, and saw a shared post about some extremely skinny horses and recognized the mountain in the background, and realized it was in her home town.  She tracked down the owner of the horse, and before long this cute little colt was safe in her barn, enjoying some food.  The other horse was safe too.

Now he is happy and healthy, but he needed his gelding operation.  We were happy to assist with this guy and his gelding operation.  His rescuer writes: “While researching rescuing I came across Horse Plus Humane Society and the information about gelding assistance program. I sent an email contact to them regarding assistance with the cost of gelding Bolt the colt rescue. I provided the requested information. I appreciate Horse Plus Humane Society and their assistance with Bolt’s gelding.”

Wednesday at our shelter everyone was busy getting ready for the big storm that was coming in.  When a storm comes in, Little Dee and Angel are kept in their stall so the slippery condition is not hazardous for Angel.

We also open up the big barn so the horses in the pastures can get in out of the rain if they choose.

Snowman and Ginger are so adorable and cute.  They just love attention.  Their pen is completely covered, so they had no worries about the coming storm.

If you remember Poppy from the last blog, he was the horse that had been in his stall/paddock for the last 7 years without coming out.  Steve had a special treat for the big boy: a nice big green pasture for him to run in.

It was so special watching his eyes light up as he trotted off in amazement and excitement.

Some of the other horses in the pasture joined in as they could tell how excited Poppy was.

Soon the herd was galloping around with delight.

For about 2-3 hours, Poppy could be seen standing alert, looking around with delight, and then running off bucking and kicking up his heels in joy.  He was definitely having the time of his life.

Thursday it was pouring rain, but that didn’t stop Kirsty from working.  Our round-pen is indoors, so she continued Dominoes riding lessons.

Sunny also got some lessons in too.

Steve has been working on giving the shelter a facelift.  Every day he does a bit more painting, it is really neat seeing how much brighter and cleaner it looks with the white paint.

The extended forecast is for rain through the weekend, so we will be closed through Sunday, and next week we will only be open to visitors when the weather is decent.  Please call before coming out!  One of the reasons we close the shelter down is, as you can see from the photo below, we have a lot of barn space, and we open up the barns so the animals can come in out of the rain, and our staff are extremely busy taking care of the animals.  Our animals happiness and safety is our main concern.  We are available for appointment for approved adopters, the Extreme Rescue Makeover trainers, and surrenders.

Thank you all for your support!  Have a great weekend!