Sunday the shelter was closed to the public because of the rain, but all the staff was very busy.  It was a torrential downpour all weekend long.

Thanks to our wonderful shelter and indoor round-pen, Kirsty was able to keep working with the horses.  She gave Ginger a little make-over, which Ginger really enjoyed.

After her makeover, she just had to lay down and roll around.

At least she thoroughly enjoyed herself, even if she ended up dirtier than she was before her makeover.  She is such a sweet little pony.

The remaining horses for the makeover finally realized that it was nicer inside their barn instead of outside in the rain.  When they first came they would stand out in the rain and stare at the barn.  This time they came in and discovered how nice it was to be able to roll in the nice fluffy dirt to dry off.

They also seemed to enjoy looking out the windows at the rain falling down from the sky.

We decided to clean out a tack room that was adjacent to the goat pen to make an additional shelter for them.  Dottie came up, and thought the bedding was absolutely great and started rolling around in it.  She had already laid down and rolled in the mud, and was looking more like a pig then a mini horse.

She checked out the new shelter and decided it was pretty nice.

Since Dottie was in such a playful mood and was having such fun rolling in the bedding in the shelter, Kirsty took Dottie to the bedding pile in the hay barn so Dottie could really have some fun.

Dottie’s little legs are so short she sinks right down in the fluffy bedding, and with a little scooping, she was covered with bedding.

Dottie enjoyed looking on while Kirsty was busy loading the Hay Wagon with the bedding.  Soon she got tired of watching…

About that time Kirsty was tired of shoveling and they laid down for a nap together.  Dottie really enjoyed spending some quality time with our trainer.

Before long Dottie was back in her pen with her group of buddies.  They all decided the shelter that has always been in their pen was much better than the new one.

A few of the goats decided to try out the new shelter, no doubt in time they will all love it.

Meanwhile the 14 stall barn was getting a little soggy on one side.

So, load after load of bedding were dumped in the stalls so the horses can be dry and comfortable.  Before the next storm we need to figure out a way to keep water from oozing into the stalls.  All the hard work put into the ditch on the other side of the barn kept those stalls nice and dry.

Kirsty got the nice indoor job of cleaning out the vet room.  Doesn’t mean she stayed dry though, as part of the job was spraying down the floors.  All in all it was just a wet, soaking day.

We did have 2 horses surrendered at the end of the day that the person rescued to bring to us.  We were available for appointment and they had made an appointment.  We are so thankful that people are willing to sacrifice their time and money to help horses in need.  If only there were more people like them, the world would be a much better place.

The horses were unloaded and settled into their waiting pen.  They were quite happy to get out of the trailer and start munching on some yummy food.

Thank you all for your support!