This weekend we are going to be attending a livestock auction and we need your help to save lives.  Our goal is to raise $6,000 for the rescue, care, training and sheltering of as many slaughter bound horses as possible.  We need your help!  Please donate right now to help save horses from the slaughter pipeline: click here.

Monday the sun was shining and the blue sky made everything look bright and beautiful.  The ground is still soaked, but with the sun out everything seemed brighter. 

Shadow was enjoying the sunshine and was busy sleeping and soaking up the rays. 

Steve has almost got the stalls all done with their first coat of paint.  It really looks so bright and clean!

We have a young man working at the shelter who is doing community service.  Parcy was more than curious about this new human who seemed to be so busy working.

Patrick also started getting the second coat of paint on the stalls.

Jason has been working hard getting the tractor going, and today he was successful.  It had some leaking hydraulic lines and some other minor issues. With the tractor going he pushed the bedding back up into a big pile.  The chickens love scratching in it so much it doesn’t take them long to make a mess everywhere.

Thank you all for your support!  Please remember our auction fund, we really need your help.