Urgent Need – Auction Rescue

We only have 1 day left and we really need your help to save horses at the auction tomorrow.

As you no doubt know, horses that are sold at auction often end up being shipped to slaughter within hours of being sold.  Killer buyers prowl the auction, nodding their brief consent to the auctioneer when the price is low enough, dooming that horse to a horrifying trip and a most brutal end to their magnificent life.  With your help, we will outbid the killer buyers, saving those precious lives from ever knowing the horrors of the slaughter pipeline.

Our goal this month, as always, is to raise $6,000 for the rescue, care, and training of the rescued auction horses.  We are currently at $3,883 leaving only a little over $2,000 left to go.

Your donation of any amount will be used directly to purchase, transport, feed, provide vet care, training, sheltering and care for the horses.  The horses will be rescued from slipping into the slaughter pipeline and being shipped to Mexico or Canada.  To learn more about our Auction Rescue program, click here.

Please help us help the auction horses, please donate right now.  Your loving gift of even $15 will help in a very huge way.  To donate using our secure online credit card form, click here or to donate directly from your Paypal account: donate@horsehumane.org