We would like to thank everyone who donated to make the auction rescue possible. 14 horses were rescued thanks to your support!  Our next blog will be all about the auction rescue, but in this blog we want to catch you up on what happened last week while we were fundraising for the auction.

Kirsty continues to work with Splash and she is coming along very nicely.  She is doing side-passes, rollbacks and more.  She is an awesome little horse and has come a long way from her first trail ride where she splashed into the pond.

The last trainer for the Extreme Rescue Makeover came out to look at the remaining two horses that were cleared by our vet to compete.

She ended up choosing Courage, the one with the blue eye.

Before long he was put through the squeeze, where the trainer requested a halter and lead be put on him.  Then they were off safely down the road.

We are putting in a new alarm system at the shelter, and Parcy was more than curious about why humans were crawling around the rafters.  He probably thinks humans are quite strange.

The vet came out to check everyone out. Ginger, the little pony, got her hooves checked as there was some concern that she might have some hoof problems.  Thankfully the vet reports that her hooves are fine.  She is such a good little girl and stood so nicely for the vet.  The vet aged her at 18 to 19 years old.

The vet also did a lameness exam on Nita, she seemed to be a little stiff.  The vet believes it is sore muscles and she will be just fine.

Phoenix also got looked at, and he is improving.  We are so thankful!

Tawnee decided to try making some horse cookies out of carrots and molasses.

After mixing it all up she put them on cooking pans.

Then after baking they were ready to make some critters very happy.

The look on Dottie’s face as she enjoyed some of the cookies is priceless.

The remaining 6 horses that were not placed with trainers in the Extreme Rescue Makeover were getting ready to head back to their sanctuary on Thursday.  First thing in the morning they were loaded up and Jason hit the road.

We had a very sad surrender at the shelter.  A man came to our shelter and told us that he had 2 horses he had to get rid of.  His hay had been rained on and ruined, and he had no money to buy more.  He knew he wasn’t financially able to support them in the future either, so he walked them almost 2 miles to the shelter.  If our rig wasn’t already on the road we would have picked them up, but it was quiet country roads so the horses were safe being led to the shelter.  It was really sad, but we are so thankful that we are an open door shelter that can bring in horses that literally walk through our gates.

The happy part of the day was when Thelma and Louise were adopted!  Their adoptive dad was so excited to have them as a new addition to his family.

His trailer was a bit high for them to step up into, so Steve had to lift them up one at a time and put them in.

Once in the trailer they looked around wide eyed, wondering what their new adventure would hold.

Kirsty was busy working with the horses.  Cheyenne, who was surrendered a few days back, is doing good.  He is going to be an absolutely stunning boy once he is under saddle.  Kirsty is really looking forward to training him to ride.

Steve was busy trimming horses.  It’s nice to have our on-site farrier once again.

Domino is also coming along nicely with his training.  He is going to be a very big horse, it seems he has grown a lot in just the few months he has been here.

Angel is doing wonderful!  She is growing and filling out nicely.  She really enjoys going out to the empty pasture where there is nothing that can hurt her.  We don’t turn her loose as we don’t want her running into the perimeter fences, but she really enjoys going out and grazing.

The two horses surrendered earlier in the day were turned out into one of our other pastures.  It was so neat seeing them run and frolic together.

Jason made it safely to the sanctuary that provided the horses for the Extreme Rescue Makeover.  It was so neat seeing them being let out.  They were so happy to be home, they all took turns laying down and rolling.

Thank you all for your support, and especially for donating to the auction fund.  We could not help horses like the ones in today’s blog without your continued support.