Auction Rescue Update (2/16/14)

Saturday night, thanks to your donations, our rescuer was at the auction.  By the end of the auction, 14 horses were rescued!  Some of them were feeling very tired and bedraggled after the auction.

First thing Sunday morning both rescue rigs were ready to hit the road.

After the long drive they finally arrived at the auction and started sorting out the horses that were rescued.

The horses all seemed very sweet.  They were happy to see someone that seemed friendly too.

We would like you to meet all 14 horses.  We don’t have all their ages yet, but we will be updated you as we evaluate them and they will be on the website soon.

This is Sweety Pie.  She is a young mare.

This is Kiara, a very sad and bedraggled little baby.  No doubt all she has known is hardship and starvation her whole life.

Leyla is a young mare.

Daisy is also a young mare.

Peaches is, as you can imagine, a young mare.

Broken Heart is a very sad stallion with a severely broken hip.  It wasn’t recent, as it had healed in an extremely twisted way.  We were told that he was at the auction 2 weeks before but didn’t sell, so he had to stay at the auction for 2 weeks, waiting for the next sale.  Nobody wanted the poor broken down stallion, and they didn’t want to take the responsibility of doing what is right for him, humanely euthanizing him as his quality of life was extremely poor.

This is Valentine, a young stallion (who will soon be a young gelding.)

Hope is a mare.

Classy is a pretty black and white paint mare.

Breezy is a Thoroughbred mare.

This is another very sad horse that we rescued at the auction, named Granny.  She is in her upper 20’s, and was extremely crippled.  A note with her said that she was trained to ride, but was unridable due to being crippled.  In the auction ring someone ended up getting on her and making her “show her stuff,” trying to get her to sell for more.  Why someone would dump their horse who desperately needs their owner’s help is beyond our comprehension.  If your horse is in pain and suffering, it is extremely heartless to dump it at an auction.  Be responsible and do the right thing!

This Sierra Orchid, a 17 year old registered Paint mare.

This is Pistol, a mare who appears to have had a baby on her and it was pulled off before she was sent to auction.

This is star, a pretty Thoroughbred mare.

Finally all the horses were sorted out and it was time to load them.

The trailers were backed up to the loading chute and the horses headed on down the chutes and were loaded up.

Finally the first trailer was loaded.  The horses seemed a little bewildered and confused, they had a very stressful time over the weekend at the auction.

Before long the second trailer was loaded up and they were ready to leave.

The rescue rigs headed off down the highway heading to the shelter.

At the gas station the horses were looking out wide eyed.  We always wish we could tell them that they were safe now and that everything is OK.

Finally, long after dark, the rescue rigs made it back to the shelter safely.  They backed up to the unloading chute and the horses hopped out.

The mares were put in temporary holding pens for the night.

The stallions were put in individual stalls where fresh bedding, food and water were waiting.  We felt so sorry for poor Broken Heart, the stallion with a broken hip, and did our best to make him comfortable.

After the first trailer was unloaded, the second trailer was backed up and the unloading process started again.

Finally all the horses were in their pens enjoying their supper and nice water.  It was a very long day, but we are so thankful that thanks to you, 14 horses were rescued at the auction.

Thank you all for your continued support of our rescued efforts!