Wednesday was spent getting the adult auction horses microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated, and hoof care done.  It was a long busy day and it took all day to get them done.

Thursday Kirsty starting evaluating the Arabs that were surrendered the other day.  This is Diva, she is really cute but has a weird growth on one of her ears.  We are going to have the vet check it out.

Diva is trained to ride and is a very nice mare.

This mare, named Lona, has a very strange neck.  We’re not sure what happened to her, but it is very odd shaped and feels weird.  We are going to see what the vet thinks.  She is not trained to ride.

This mare is very cute, but is not trained to ride.  She is named Chloe and she has a very cute face and we are hoping that someone who loves Arabs will adopt her and spend the time with her that she needs.

Geoffrey and Milo, aka Willow, were both getting ready to head to their new home.  They became great buddies at the shelter and we are happy that they are going to their new home together.

Geoffrey has a special little story behind him.  A person found out that he was at an Animal Control where his time was running out.  The person lived all the way down in LA, but she took it upon herself to save Geoffrey and drive him the hundreds and hundreds of miles up north to our shelter.  He is definitely a lucky little guy!

Before long Geoffrey and Milo were in their crates with blankets and ready to head to their new home.  After they were on the road, Tawnee called the lady who saved Geoffrey and she was so happy to find out that the little goat she rescued found a wonderful home.

Next Millie, the last of the 4 Arabs, was being evaluated.  She is trained to ride, but hasn’t had a whole lot of time put on her, or it’s been a long time since she has been ridden.  She needs to have a good refresher course and she should be good to go.

It was time to get the Arabs vaccinated, along with a lot of the other animals at the shelter that needed to get their boosters.  Fuzzball the rooster checked everything out to make sure that Tawnee and Kirsty knew what they were doing.  He finally gave his crow of approval that they were doing a good job.

Finally the last horse was given her booster and the job was done.  Except…

…going through and putting all the needles in the sharps box, and throwing away all the used containers and tubes.  It was quite a pile of trash!

Jason and Steve headed to an Animal Control to pick up a pig.

Meet Bear, a great big pot belly pig.  He wasn’t too sure about the humans invading his comfortable napping place, but soon he was being herded to the trailer.  He hopped in without too much trouble and made it safely back to the shelter.

Thank you all for your support, we really appreciate it!