Bear, the new potbelly pig, is settling right in.  He definitely enjoys sprawling out in the sunshine.

With warmer weather comes nice green grass for the critters to enjoy munching on.  In the front pasture we let Shadow, Parcy and Dottie out with the horses.  They really enjoyed it!

We also let the sheep out, we have a small flock of 10 hair sheep.  We believe that some of the ewes may have come to us pregnant, and if that is the case, we might have a few more soon.  If anyone is interested in adopting this beautiful little flock, please contact us.

We had some visitors come out to meet all the critters.  They really enjoyed meeting Fuzzball the rooster, and Kirsty showed how he likes to perch on her head.

Classy, one of the horses we rescued from auction, is going to Home at Last.  She was an older broodmare that really just needed a spot where she could hang out and enjoy her time with other horses.

She is such a beautiful girl, and we know she will be well loved and cared for at Home at Last.

We had two potential adopters come out and meet the horses.  One (not pictured) came out and really fell in love with Cheyenne.  They will be coming back on Tuesday to spend some more time with him.  The other potential adopter (seen below) came out and fell in love with Star.  She placed a hold on her and is anxiously waiting for her application to be approved.  We are always so pleased to see slaughter pipeline horses get adopted and have such a bright future.

At the end of the day we had an older horse surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness program.  He has had failing health and he wasn’t keeping his weight up.  Our vet will be examining him to determine his quality of life.

One thing very interesting with this guy is he has a freeze brand on the right side of his neck.  After shaving the hair off so we could read the brand, it looks like a BLM brand. But, BLM brands are always on the left side of the neck. The beginning of the brand (the U) looks like the US Govt. brand, but it is backwards. Any ideas on what this brand is?  This horse does not look like a Standardbred and he doesn’t look like he has any Arab in him.

Thank you all for your support!