Tuesday started off with Bear the pig getting a nice walk from where he was busy sleeping in the sun to the vet room.  It was going to be a very busy vet day and Bear was on the schedule.  We wanted to make sure there are no baby piggies in his future.

At the vet room bear sat down for a little snack.

Before he knew it he was in la-la land on the operating table.

There was a long list of animals that were going to be seen by the vet.  Cheyenne was looked at, he had hurt himself on his side and the vet checked him out to make sure he is going to heal up just fine.

The vet also examined all the auction horses to make sure they are all doing OK.  Some of the horses have moderate to severe health problems, but most of them are doing quite well.

Jason was busy putting up gutters.  With rain in the forecast for the very next day, it was definitely a last minute project.

Diva has a sarcoid on her ear.  The vet decided to remove it so she headed to our vet room for the operation.

Soon it was all over and she had a cute little bandage over ear.

Cheyenne’s potential adopter came back out to see him after the vet looked at him.  She put a hold on him and is anxiously waiting for her application to be approved and she hopes she can take him home on Sunday.

We had a lot of visitors come to the shelter throughout the day.

Some of the visitors enjoyed meeting Parcy and he didn’t mind a little bit of loving at all.

Bear was feeling very sorry for himself.  He had woken up and figured that at least life couldn’t get any worse.  He decided he wanted to find the most comfortable place he could to sleep it off, and where better than where the bedding is stored?  Feet and feet thick of the most comfortable, soft bedding around.

Kirsty was busy working with the horses, getting younger horses ready to be trained under saddle.

Dakota is doing really good.  Kirsty is getting her used to the feel of a cinch.  She thinks soon she will be ready for a saddle.

A lot of cleanup got done too in preparation for the rain.

Just remember we are closed on rainy days, so if you are wanting to come out make sure you give us a call first and talk to someone before heading out.  Thank you all for your support!