Wednesday Jason and Steve headed out to rescue a little pig that could no longer stay at his home.  He is an elderly pot belly pig, who is still in great athletic shape.

We have decided to name him Pumba as he reminds us of the pig in Lion King.

Parcy greeted Pumba as he checked out his pen.  He really loves trotting around checking things out.

Thursday we rescued a group of baby goats and they arrived safely at the shelter.  Baby male goats are a “worthless” byproduct of the goat dairy industry, and are produced by the thousands.  Some baby goats are even thrown in dumpsters, alive, to slowly die a long, lingering, painful death.

One of the baby’s had a paralyzed hind end and couldn’t even stand.  What a poor baby, there was no humane option rather than give him a bottle of warm milk, give him some love and give him the Last Act of Kindness.

The other babies were healthy and settled in to the nursery.

Star was adopted by her new mom who was so excited to be taking her home.

Star was a very good girl and loaded right up.  Star was rescued from the slaughter pipeline thanks to donations from people just like you!

Sunday it was pouring rain, but in spite of being closed, we were taking appointments for adoptions and surrenders.  We had two different adopters come out to adopt baby goats.

It was so neat to see these little babies, who had no chance before, being adopted into loving homes where they will be lifelong pets.

We said “Goodbye” to them.  Baby goats are so much fun, but we knew our next group of baby goats were being rescued on Monday.  It was nice to adopt out the babies and have the nursery empty, waiting for the next group.

Domino’s approved adopters came to take him home.  He’s a gorgeous white horse with some black spots, but after rolling in the mud it’s hard to tell how pretty he is.

Domino was a very good boy and loaded right up into their 2 horse straight.  Domino came to us last October as a young stallion.  Kirsty has been working on training him under saddle, and we are so thankful that we were able to give this guy a bright future after being saved from the slaughter pipeline.

We also had two horses surrendered, this is a 10 year old Paint gelding named Sluye who had 90 days of professional training, and then sat for 6 years.  Kirsty will be evaluating him and tuning him up.

This is a Belgium mare named Cindi, 8 years old and we are told she is only halter trained.  These two horses were at a boarding stable and their owner could no longer afford the board.

Cheyenne was also going to his new home on Sunday!

He loaded up in the trailer and was soon on his way.

Monday our second group of baby goats was rescued: 26 in total.

Soon the nursery was full of bahhing, bouncing baby goats.

Sadly, there were some more babies with severe medical problems.  This little guy could not stand on his front legs, they would just collapse.

We wish there was a law in place where factory farming dairies would be required to put the babies down humanely that have serious genetic or medical defects.  Otherwise they just dump them and they die a slow, lingering death unless they are rescued and humanely put to sleep.

Tuesday we had a lot more adopters coming out to adopt babies.  If you are interested in adopting baby goats, please contact us.  We are asking adopters to adopt at least 2 so they won’t be lonely.  Adoption fees for the baby goats are $10.  We will continue to rescue baby male goats through the spring, and we need your help.  Goat forumula is costly, and the rescue and care is expensive too.   Please make a donation to help rescue baby goats: click here and select “Urgent Need.”

Thank you all for your support, we couldn’t have rescued, rehahbed and rehomed the animals in today’s blog with you.