Wednesday the last of the baby goats from the last group we rescued were being adopted.  Steve brought them up to the front office while the new mom was signing her paperwork.

The little babies hung out in a big bucket while the paperwork was finished up.  We are so thankful that they have bright and beautiful futures ahead of them.

Mike, the community service worker, was busy cleaning up where the babies had been so clean bedding could be brought in when we rescue babies again.  He also cleaned lots of stalls and did a lot of other hard work.

During the rainy days the shelter had been closed to visitors, and Tawnee decided to get busy.  The front office desperately needed a makeover.  It had never been remodeled since we moved here.

So she got busy, piled everything in the middle of the room, and got painting.  She didn’t want us to talk about it on the blog as she wanted it to be a surprise for all the volunteers and staff.

It looks so much nicer now! She did a really great job and we are all proud of her remodeling skills.

Tawnee also gave the break-room a makeover.  Laura, our volunteer receptionist, and Steve were doing some cleanup in the break room after the paint job and helped get it tidied up for its finishing touches.

The break-room looks great with its bright, cheery colors.  Tawnee says that the color scheme was also to keep people from hanging out in there too long.

Thank you all for your support!