Friday we got the call that the dairy had 9 more baby goats.  We are trying to rescue all the babies that dairy rejects so they don’t take them to auction.  Shari was made the long drive to get these little guys to safety.

At the shelter they all got their ID tags and intake photos taken.

Before long the nursery was full of bouncing baby boys once again.  Tawnee got on the phone and started calling people on the waiting list.

One lady on the waiting list was able to come and was there adopting two precious babies within an hour.  The running joke is we tell adopters to tell their friends that “I just adopted a couple kids.”

Sunday morning the trailer was hooked up.  We had been very busy rescuing animals.

Inside the truck there were lots of animal carriers.  It was going to be a big rescue day, so Jim and Laura hit the road early.   Any guesses what was rescued?  You’ll have to read the rest of the blog to find out…

The two horses belonging to Let Em Run were ready to head back to the sanctuary.  They had been slipped into the ERM competition without a contract, which was unacceptable, so they had to head back, especially with what happened to Karysa.

They loaded right up in the trailer and headed out.  The person picking up the horses for Let Em Run was very sad about the situation with Karysa and Moonshine.  It’s very sad that personal preference on training methods was the only reason Moonshine was taken back.

We built a new little pen for the little baby goats outside so they could have a mix of sunshine and shade.

Feeding time is always hectic and fun as all the babies clamor to get their bottles.  You always wish you had about 7 hands to hold all the bottles!

One of the hair sheep who came to us pregnant had her water break so we moved her to a nice quiet place where we could watch her through the observation window.

Before long an adorable little lamb was born.  Eva, the momma, was very attentive on her new little baby.

The little baby, Peggy O’Neil (named by Gary R, who played the naming game on Facebook) was soon up and getting her first meal.

Two more baby goats were adopted by another family who was on the waiting list.

By this time Peggy was doing quite well, but she was shivering a bit.  It was decided to take her out to one of the pastures where she could soak up some sunshine.

She is so adorably cute!  We are so thankful that the birth had no complications.

The rescue rig finally returned about 5:00 pm.

The little carrier crates were brought into the office one by one.

Of course, inside were more baby goats.  We had 7 more in this group!

They look so dashing with their fancy ID collars prancing around in the nursery.  These three were posing so cutely for a picture.

Inside the trailer were 6 horses that were rescued at auction over the weekend!  We had been very busy over the weekend rescuing at 2 different auctions.  We didn’t have a chance to fundraise for this group, we would like to thank Jennifer G for her contribution to help pay for some of the cost of rescuing them.  Any financial gift would be greatly appreciated to help with the auction fund.  We desperately need your help to cover the other costs with rescuing.  To make a donation, please visit our website: click here.

The trailer was backed up to the unloading chute and one by one the horses unloaded.

There was also one lame stallion.  It’s so sad that people dump their horses at auctions when they are “done” with them instead of doing what is right for their horse.

The mares all settled in and started munching good yummy hay.

We would like to introduce the auction horses.  This is Ranger, the lame stallion.

This is Rain, a bay mare.  Her tail has been braided, so someone spent at least a little time with her.

Dakota is also a bay mare, possibly trained to ride.

Blaze is a very cute young mare.

Sparkle is a very flashy strawberry roan appy.

Daisy is also a mare.

Thank you all for your support, please remember our auction fund.  We desperately need your help as we laid out a lot of money for this rescue.  We also would like to rescue at other auctions this month too, but can only do that with your help.  Click here.