We have already rescued 6 horses at auction this month, and we need your help to save even more! As you know, each month we raise $6,000 for the rescue, vet care, rehabilitation, training and care of slaughter pipeline horses at auctions. This month we are hoping to rescue at new auctions, but we need your help.  So far our thermometer is at $1,690 out of our goal of $6,000.

Please make a donation to help save horses from enduring the brutality of the slaughter pipeline. Your loving gift of any amount will make the difference in horses lives.  To donate to help save a horses life, click here.

Monday a horse was unloaded from a trailer who had been gone for awhile getting special care.  The horse, as many of you will remember, is Patches.

When Patches came to us back in November he had extremely long hooves.  You can read about his story by clicking here.  Also, the next few blogs forward from that one talk a lot about Patches too.

We made two videos of Patches and his hooves.  You can watch his first video by clicking here, and the second video by clicking here.

His hooves now look absolutely amazing! They are not completely recovered yet, but he is well on his way to perfect feet.  We would like to thank Susan Rexin of Rexin Hoof Care for doing such an amazing job on this special boy.

Patches has come such a long ways from when he took his first steps at the shelter.  Now he has a very bright future ahead of him.

The baby goats are doing well!  They really enjoy their play pen outside.

The auction horses were being brought up into the vet room so they could be examined, given their vaccinations, dewormed and microchipped.

Each horses waited patiently in the chute for their turn.

One of the horses, who is barely halter trained, had such horribly long hooves that she needed immediate attention.

In no time at all Steve had her trimmed with happy hooves.  When she walked out of the chute it was easy to tell how much more comfortable she was.

Finally all the horses were done and waited in the holding room before heading back to their quarantine pen.

Jason was busy framing a little something.

In no time at all, the bar was installed in the break room.  We used to have an actual table in there, but it took up too much room.  This bar will be much nicer.

On Tuesday’s feeding, the morning chores of course started with feeding the baby goats.

Jason replaced our “Closed” sign with a new one.  The old one was so faded it was pretty much unreadable.

Tuesday was also a busy vet day.  All of the auction horses were going to be examined by the vet.

The vet really liked Candy.  The vet says she is fine and ready for a home.  If anyone is interested in training a big draft horse, she is perfect!

Phoenix also got rechecked.  The vet says his knees are back to as normal as they can be.  We’ll just have to keep an eye on him as his arthritis progresses.

Lunta was evaluated by the vet too.  She is supposed to be adopted in Florida!  The vet did detect some minor lameness so we will be discussing that with her adopter.

Harley enjoyed visiting the vet.  She is A-OK. She was quite curious about what the vet was writing down about her.  Thanks to the HIPAA act we can’t tell you though.

Ranger, the stallion who came from auction and was extremely lame was also evaluated.  It was found that he had a very serious problem causing his lameness, and giving him the Last Act of Kindness was the most humane option for him.

Rain, from the auction, needed her teeth done so the vet got to work filing off some of the hooks.  She is a 9 year old Quarterhorse mare, and the vet thinks she is a diamond in the rough.  He believes she will be an awesome horse with some TLC.

The replacement trainer taking Karysa’s place in the Makeover came to pick out her halter trained companion.  She had a lot of horses to choose from that are halter trained at our shelter, and she chose Sparkle.

Sparkle is such a pretty girl!  We are excited to see her at the Grand Finale.

Sparkle was a good girl and got into the wee little trailer without too much trouble.  This will be the last horse placed in this years Makeover.

A family who was on the waiting list to adopt some baby goats came out and adopted two.  Two sisters were so excited to be having two little baby goats to spoil.

Bear the pig is looking for a home.  He is a very sociable fellow, and loves being pet by people, snuggling up in his blanket, and having his tummy scratched.  If you are interested in adopting him, please contact us!

Please remember our auction rescue fund, we need your help to continue the fight to save horses from the slaughter pipeline.