Thanks to each and every one of you who donated, we reached our goal for the auction rescue!  We can’t possibly thank you enough for your generous donations, and we can’t wait to rescue as many horses as we can from the slaughter pipeline!

Volunteer Teresa was out to help out.  It was such a nice day that she decided to give Patches a nice grooming and a bath.

Before long he was all sparkling clean.  His mane and tail were brushed beautifully.  He is such a gorgeous boy!

Sunday we had two horses surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness program.

One of the horses had a pretty bad injury to its leg which, when it healed, caused a lot of deformity and arthritis.

The other horse is quite elderly with other health problems as well.  It’s so nice when owners do the responsible thing for their horses.

Kirsty was busy showing horses to potential adopters.  Her pet chicken, Fuzzball, took a ride while Kirsty was working.

Annie was in adoption pending, but she wasn’t quite the right match for the adopter.  We’re hopeful that the right adopter will come along for Annie soon.

Other adopters came out and looked at other horses throughout the day, but sadly no matches were found.

It was a busy day, but Kirsty did manage to start evaluating Rain.

She did good with her initial evaluation.  She is such a cute little horse, we can’t wait to see how much she knows and see her adopted into a great home.

We would like to thank Annie W. for sending up care packages for Angel and other horses at the shelter.  We really appreciate it.

Thank you all again so much for your support!  We can’t possibly thank you enough for supporting our life-saving efforts.