Sunday Kirsty was busy evaluating horses.  Chance was first on the list.  He is such a huge horse her saddle looked pretty tiny on his back.  He is 17.2 hands tall!

He also needed to get his hooves done as they were quite long.

He did really good under saddle and is just a huge gorgeous boy.  If you’re looking for a nice large gelding he may be the one!

Kirsty also started working with Rain.  We thought she may have been trained to ride, but upon further evaluation it was found she doesn’t know a whole lot about the saddle and tack.

Angel got a nice grooming session with our adoption coordinator, Janice.

Before long she was all spiffed up and beautiful.  She is doing so well with all her lessons and is such a cute little girl.

Parcy got a fly sheet put on him.  Flies have been bothering him, and he is extra-sensitive to them.  We are hoping the sheet will help him out.

Kirsty is also working with Hope to get her trained under saddle.  She is doing really good, we hope to see her on her first trail ride before too long.

With all the training, Hope is getting used to new things and being desensitized.  She’s probably thinking “I’ve seen this on other horses, and it wasn’t on their neck.  What kind of a trainer did I get stuck with anyway?”

Kirsty also adopted the momma and baby sheep.  We are so happy that they will have such a wonderful home.

Thank you all for your support!