The Extreme Rescue Makeover Grand Finale will be here before you know it.  The Finale is June 22nd near Chico, and we hope that many of you will be able to attend.  Your presence will be a huge support to the trainers who have spent their time and energy helping these horses have a bright future.  We are going to start highlighting some of the trainers and horses in the coming blogs.

We would like you to meet Courtney, who has partnered with Ace.  Ace is doing well with his training.  We would like to invite you to check out their page, like their Facebook page, and consider sponsoring or donating to help cover the costs involved with caring and training Ace.  To visit Ace and Courtney’s page, click here.

The trophies have arrived for the Grand Finale, we can’t wait to see which trainers take home which trophies.

Tuesday Kirsty was busy working with the horses.  Prince was going to get some photos taken for his adoptable page.  Missy had someone coming out to look at her.

Prince wasn’t the most photogenic horse around, and for the most part liked looking back at his friends in the pasture.  We did manage to get a few nice pictures of him.  If you would like to see his adoptable page, click here.

Missy’s potential adopter came out and really fell in love with her.  We hope that Missy will be in her new home soon after her vet check and adoption application is all done.

Dakota had some work done with her too.  She is a good girl, but we believe she sat for awhile after being trained and doesn’t remember a whole lot.  Kirsty is doing a good job refreshing her mind.

Candi was going to get some grooming done.  She was more than a little curious to see what that would all entail.

In fact, the majority entailed her tail.  She had a huge mat that, despite the best efforts, seemed to be impossible to straighten.  So, the sad decision was made that it was time for a hair cut.

Candi now has a fancy haircut on her tail, and the matted mess is gone.  It will grow back out, and now that she is getting proper care, the matted mess should never return.

Kirsty took Candi up front, and introduced her to the little goats.  Candi wasn’t impressed at all by such a small little critter.

Leyla got new photos taken of her for her adoptable page too.  She is so cute, we can’t wait to see what lucky person will choose to adopt her and make her their own.  To see her page, click here.

Thank you all for your support, it makes it possible to rescue and care for the animals just like the ones in this blog!