Wednesday we had some visitors come to see the horses.  They are previous adopters, and they had a hold on Harley Boy.  They also had to say “Hi” to Candi, the Belgium mare at the shelter.

They really fell in love with Harley Boy, and were so excited to add him to their family, where some of our other adopted horses live.

They also fell in love with Harley Girl.  It’s pretty funny, we had two horses with the name of “Harley” at the shelter at the same time, and the family fell in love with both of them.

The adoption packets were made up and transportation was arranged.

Thursday morning Harley Boy and Harley Girl were being led to the trailer.

They loaded without any trouble and headed off down the road.

Harley Boy and Girl settled right into their new home, they looked so happy and peaceful as they munched on their waiting hay.  We know they will have an absolutely wonderful life with these repeat adopters.

At the shelter Kirsty was working with Layla.  Layla was a little scared of the flag at first, but before long Kirsty had her realizing it wasn’t too scary and it wasn’t going to hurt her at all.

Thursday was also a vet day, and the first horse the vet saw was Missy.  She has a potential adopter looking at her, but as she may have something slightly off with her hind end, we had our vet examine her.  He believes she may have some soreness from an injury that she is recovering from, but that she should be OK.

We were a little concerned about Foxy as she seemed to be agitated and not comfortable.  She also had some behavioral problems that seemed to be caused by an underlying medical issue.  After examining her, the vet found that she is experiencing a lot of pain from an old injury that isn’t going to get better.  Poor girl has been living in constant pain!  The Last Act of Kindness is the only thing we can do to relieve her suffering.

Oscar got the news that he was going to lose his billy-goatness.  He wasn’t thrilled about that news at all.

Hobo, on the other hand, was quite pleased that he had already survived that surgery long ago and he didn’t have to go through it a second time.

After the vet was done, Kirsty worked with Wind Song, getting her desensitized to stuff.

Doesn’t she look pretty in her blue tarp?  Wind Song doesn’t think so either.

Hope is also doing well with her training and is getting used to being saddled.  She should be going on her first ride soon!

After her training Hope got a nice bath.

Hope laughed as she drank water from the hose.  What a huge smile!

Selfies seem to be the rage these days, and Sky had to get in the act too.  We posted it on Facebook and asked people to caption the photo.  There were a lot of really cute captions, but this is one that caught our fancy: “I’m going to give this human a ride but wait, let me take a SELFIE” by Noelle P.

Friday Kirsty and Tawnee went to check out the venue where the Extreme Rescue Makeover Grand Finale is going to be held at Camelot Equestrian Park.  They took Chance along as there are some jumps and they wanted to see how he is at jumping.

First a little info about the venue.  It’s very nicely laid out, they do allow horse camping and having panel pens or stalls available for campers.  There are lots of big shady trees in the camping area.

They have wash racks, and several beautiful arenas.  They have lots of trail riding opportunities too.

After checking it out, Chance was taken to one of the arenas.  He is a beautiful 16 year old, 17 hand Thoroughbred.

They weren’t sure if he had done any jumping, so they started off walking over the jumps, then trotting over the jumps, and he did great every time.

So the jumps got a little higher.  Tawnee (below) and Kirsty both used to ride English and did jumping, and they both had fun riding him, remembering their days before they both ended up switching to western riding.  Chance did absolutely amazing, and we are sure he is going to find a great home soon.  He is available for adoption, and is looking for a great forever home, maybe yours?

When Tawnee arrived back at the shelter she found a new little addition.  One of the pregnant ewes had given birth to a very cute little baby boy, who is named Ace.  Ace is so adorable!

His mommy is taking really good care of him, and it is so cute to see them.

Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional!