Auction Rescue

We would like to thank everyone who donated to make this month’s auction rescues possible.  We still haven’t reached our goal (we have only raised $5,485 out of a needed $6,000) so please consider donating right now to help us reach our goal.  Click here.

We have been busy rescuing at auctions and have rescued a total of 6 so far.  We are planning on attending more auctions soon.

Saturday night we rescued this very adorable pony at an auction in California.   Sunday morning he was transported safely to our shelter.

He is a really cute little gelding and we have named him King.  Our vet examined him and informed us he is about 10 years old.  He is a bit shy, but he isn’t too hard to catch, and with time and love he should make someone an awesome little pony.

Tuesday our rescue team was driving through a blizzard to rescue at a Nevada auction.  Jason was part of the team, and he couldn’t believe that he was seeing snow again so late in the year.  Many years ago he worked at a ski resort very near where this picture was taken on Tuesday, and he says that by the end of April it was hot, sunny, and the ski season was over.

A total of 4 horses were saved from a certain trip to slaughter.  Their lives were saved thanks to donations from people just like you!  There was a paint mare, bay filly, a bay gelding and a roan gelding.  The roan and bay geldings both have shoes on.

They also rescued this poor cow.  She went through the sale as a “No-Sale” and when he was paying for the horses Jason asked about the no-sale cow.  They looked up the information and offered her for 5 cents a lb, which came out to $36.  She is skinny and has a huge abscess / injury on her face.  It is so sad that she was dumped at the auction in so bad of shape that no one even wanted to buy her for $36.  After all the animals were loaded and they had stopped at a gas station, a little girl asked very sweetly if she could pet the cow, who she promptly named “Henry.”  Since “Henry” is a her, we have decided to call her Henryetta.  We will be having our vet checked her out as soon as possible to determine her quality of life.

The horses were taken to a quarantine facility waiting patiently for their health certificate and coggins.   We can’t wait to introduce you thoroughly to each one!  These 4 horses that were saved from slaughter have a special message for you: “Please donate right now to save more horses just like us.  Every week hundreds of horses are shipped to slaughter, please do what you can to help our friends.”