On Thursday the 17th we said “Goodbye” to Steve.  He has moved on and is moving out of state.   Windsong’s expression is about as happy as we all were to see him go.  He has been a great part of the team and we are sad to see him go.  Best of luck Steve!

Kirsty has been working a lot with Hope and has got her doing well with getting used to having weight on the stirrups.  She hasn’t swung her leg over yet to sit in the saddle, just getting the ground work all ready for that first ride.

Hope is such a pretty girl and it is so nice to see her doing so well.

The county asked if we could use some wood chips, and of course we said “Yes!”  Soon their big dump truck was backing up.

They backed into one of the pens, dumped their load, and as soon as it is spread with a tractor the horses will have nice bedding to keep the dust down this summer.  It wasn’t fine enough of chips to use for bedding in stalls, but it sure will be nice for the dusty days ahead.

Skye was getting ready to leave the shelter.  He was going to be delivered to his new home.

He walked right up to the trailer and hopped in.

The sheep at the shelter were being adopted by one of our Board of Directors.  They were a bit more of a challenge to load, but in the end they were all safely tucked into the trailer for the short ride.  They had been at our shelter for quite some time and we are so happy to see them get adopted into a great home.

At their ranch the door was opened and the sheep looked out with amazement.  Was that really irrigated green grass everywhere?

They have a beautiful pasture to call their very own.

Next Skye was taken to his home.  His family is so excited to have him in their lives.

Friday the county rigs continued to bring loads of wood chips.  Lung Ta looked on with amazement, wondering what those trucks could be doing.

Angel also heard something big drive into her pen.  She was very confused by the sound of it.

Soon the sound went away, and there was a strange smell.  She followed Little Dee over to the pile of wood chips.

Angel soon discovered that the wood chips were quite fun and she could paw in them.

Tawnee decided to lead her to the top of the pile so she would have more of an idea in her mind about this new addition in her pen.  Angel did great and had a lot of fun.

Saturday night we rescued this little pony at an auction.  Our fundraiser was not quite complete, so plans were in the works to visit another auction once the fundraising was completed.

We would like you to meet King, he is a 10 year old very adorable little pony.

Monday Lung Ta had to be seen by the vet.  Somehow in her stall she went and injured her left eyelid.   We can’t figure out how she injured herself.  Her eyeball was unharmed and the vet says she will be just fine once it heals.

Patches had an abscess that was making it very painful to walk around.  The vet checked him all out and gave us a plan of treatment.

We had a unique little visitor come to our shelter.  First he was back by the barns, and then he came and hung out right by the office.

He was an incredibly friendly little pigeon.

He let Tawnee catch him and she was able to read his green tag that he is a racing pigeon that was on a race.  She tracked down his owner through his bands and the owner said he was probably just a little off course on his race and probably a little tired.  He just needed a place to hang out, eat, drink and refresh himself before continuing his journey.  So, he was placed in one of our small animal holding cages with lots of refreshments.

Patches had a potential adopter come out and look at him.  She says he is one of the most stunning horses she has seen in a very long time.

Patches has changed so much from when he came to us back in November.  He was a skinny, sad, bedraggled horse.

Now he is up to weight, healthy and happy.

His hooves were extremely bad shape and didn’t even look like hooves.  Thanks to Rexin Hoof Care his hooves are almost back to completely normal.

We got a call from a desperate horse owner.  This little guy, named Lucky, had been given to them, but he was a trouble maker.  He was always breaking out of his pen, kicking their dogs, and they were scared of him.  Animal Control had cited them for having a loose horse.  This little stallion had been bouncing around from home to home.  He is an approximately 5 year old cryptorchid pony cross.

Russell lead Lucky to his stall at the shelter.  Russell is joining our team to replace Steve.  Russell came to us from a Thoroughbred breeding ranch in Florida.  He moved all the way across the country to join our team, and we are happy to have him.  The stories he has about the Thoroughbred industry are heart wrenching, we will be posting his stories in videos soon.

Tuesday morning the racing pigeon seemed to be doing quite well, and seemed very chipper, so it was decided to release him so he could continue his journey.

Best of luck little guy, it was nice meeting you!

Russell was helping get the big rescue rig hooked up to go to the auction in Nevada.  You can read all about the auction rescue by clicking here. 

Kirsty was busy working with the horses.  Here she is on Asia.  Asia is such a pretty girl.

It was a busy day with lots of people coming and going.  Then someone came and begged us to take some puppies that had been dumped on the side of the road.  We certainly couldn’t say “No” to these poor pups.

They looked so sad.  The ladies who brought them in said there were more down the road from the shelter, but they couldn’t catch them.

We go the first two puppies settled and Kirsty headed down to see if she could find any of the other ones.

Soon she was back with two more.  Another lady had helped her.  We thought they may be from the same little, but someone had apparently dumped their dogs, all different ages, along the road.

They are all so very cute!  We transferred them to the Northwest SPCA on Wednesday and they should be available for adoption on Saturday.  To visit their website, click here.

Thursday Kirsty was once again working with the horses.  Hope was getting more desensitizing.  Hope was taking everything so well, even the bag above her head.

Kirsty decided that it was time to give Hope her first ride.  Hope did absolutely wonderful!  Great job Kirsty, we can’t wait to see Hope on her first trail ride soon.

Oscar was heading to his new home.

Kirsty told him one last “Goodbye” and told him to be a good boy.

Hobo was also being adopted to a different home, along with Nanny and Bailey.

Jack, the mini donkey, was also being adopted with Hobo, Nanny and Bailey.

The trailer door was opened and the goats hopped out at their new home.  The goats just stood and stared at the big field…

…so fearless Jack showed them that it really was OK to walk around and explore the pasture.

Bailey couldn’t wait to start nibbling at the grass to see if it tasted any different then all the other grass he has nibbled on during his life.  He still prefers his nanny’s milk, but grass is so fun to chew on too.

Thanks to your donations our rescue fundraiser is finished!  We are planning on attending more auctions this coming weekend.