Buy a Shirt – Save Horses

   There is a really neat opportunity to help rescue horses, but there is only a few hours left.   We are selling shirts through Booster.  Our goal is to sell 500 shirts, we have sold 100 so far and we need your help.  Please buy a shirt and spread the word to your friends!

   The funds from the shirts will be used to rescue horses from auctions.  There are so many horses out there that desperately need help, buying a shirt is a great way to show your support of our organization and help save horses that are in the slaughter pipeline.

We have raised $1,648 so far from selling 100 shirts.  We can raise a lot more if you purchase a shirt today.  Wear your shirt with pride, knowing that by purchasing the shirt, you helped save horses from the slaughter pipeline.

Buy your shirt now, click here.  Thanks, and please tell your friends!