A great big “Thank You!” to every one who purchased a shirt!  We sold a total of 166 shirts and raised $2,719 for auction rescues!  We can’t really thank you enough, we would love to get some pictures of you wearing your new shirt when it comes in.  We should be getting the check in 4 weeks, so it will be applied towards June’s auction fund if the check arrives in time, otherwise it will be applied to July.

With the Grand Finale only a month and a half away, we would like to continue highlighting the horses and trainers.  Kaydence is matched with Melissa Nunes, and together they have 85 points.   We would like to invite you to check out her page, and please consider sponsoring and supporting her.  Click here.

Liberty for Horses has sponsored a bill-board for the Grand Finale.  We hope it will encourage lots of people to come out and see the amazing work the trainers have done.  The Grand Finale is next month, start making plans to be there!  It’s on June 22nd, mark your calendars!

The staff at the shelter have been very busy and it seems the blogs have been coming out about once a week.  We work hard to show the majority of happenings at the shelter, but every day, basically, there are horses being surrendered, horses being adopted, and not all of them end up in the blog.  A lot of people prefer not to be featured on the internet due to privacy concerns.  Of course we respect their right to privacy.

We had some rainy weather, and after the rain clouds left the horses all sprawled out and enjoyed the nice moist dirt.

Chance was adopted into an awesome home!  He is such a big beautiful boy and we are so happy for them.

He loaded right up in the trailer and looked out saying “Goodbye” to his friends at the shelter.

Sunday the 27th Tawnee attended an ASPCA workshop for Equine Professionals.  It was neat seeing so many rescue organizations all in one room.  They posted a list of rescues and Humane Society’s that were present.

Tawnee couldn’t help but smile, she was sitting at one table where two of our previous volunteers were sitting.  They have both gone on to found their own organizations.  It is so neat that we could give our volunteers the knowledge and training to launch their own organizations and help horses in their communities.

Back at the shelter Hope was getting a nice grooming session by an Ag Student who needs some hands-on experience.

Animal Control called us up and asked if we could take a Peacock.  Of course we said “Yes” and soon the he was in our Feather Pen.

Lung Ta didn’t know it, but she was in for a great big ride.

Her adoption packet was made up and everything was in order.

When the transporter parked Janice led Lung Ta to the trailer.

She walked right into the great big trailer.

She has a big trip ahead of her, she is going all the way to Florida!  The family is repeat adopters and we know she will be very loved and cared for.  The first part of her trip takes her to a layover ranch in southern Ca.  Then to another layover ranch in Colorado, then on to Florida.  The trailer has nice roomy stalls and she will be traveling in style.

Monday Jason drove to the San Jose area to pick up Sam.  Sam’s owner could no longer keep him, and with a heavy heart she gave up the horse she loved so much.

Sam was a good boy and hopped right into the trailer for the ride back to the shelter.

It was long after dark by the time Sam arrived and got settled in his waiting stall.

Tuesday was a vet day.  He started by evaluated Sam.  We had a potential home lined up for him, and we wanted to make sure that he didn’t have any medical issues.

We had some concerns about Asia, she seemed to have a problem with her hip.  After the vet examined her, it was decided she has an existing injury that will take another 2 months of rest to heal.  The recommendation was to put her in the big pasture and let her recover.  She is nicely trained to ride, and the vet believes she will be fine for riding again after she has time off.  She is still available at this time with a waived adoption fee to the right home who is willing to let her rest and finish her rehab.  After the vet clears her for adoption her adoption fee will be $400.

The vet examined Henryetta, the cow that was rescued at auction.  He told us the kindest thing to do was to giver her the Last Act of Kindness.  The huge tumor was causing her a lot of pain and was untreatable.  She was given a sedation, and she just laid down and went to sleep.  We are glad that we were able to give her a peaceful ending.

Lucky got the news that he was going to be gelded.  He had the look of “What did you say?”

After sedation he was off in la-la land in the vet room.  His surgery was successful.  When he came to us we were told he was a cryptorchid, but it was found he was just a high flanker and he was able to be gelded.

Sam was evaluated and found to be the perfect fit for the home that was waiting for him.  Soon he was in adoption pending!

Jason and Russell headed out on a call to pick up a horse on Wednesday morning.

The horse has an extremely terrible eye tumor along with other health problems.

Wednesday the Peacock was delivered safely to his new home.  We are so happy that people are willing to adopt animals from the shelter!

Thursday Jason and Tawnee had a long drive to LA to pick up a horse that was being surrendered.

Cash, a 17 year old QH mare, was led to the waiting trailer.  She loaded right up and they hit the road once again.

Cash enjoyed spending the night at the layover ranch we usually stop at between LA and the shelter.

Friday on the way back to the shelter they stopped by Animal Control who had a stallion for us.

He was more than happy to get in the trailer and by the end of the trip, we’re sure he had done a lot of sweet talking to Cash across the divider and no doubt she felt quite adored.

At the shelter both horses were put in their waiting stalls.

Thank you all for your support!  We really appreciate it, and it makes rescuing and helping animals like the ones in today’s blog possible.