Today we would like to highlight Skakti with her trainer Ann Byrns.  They are doing great and have 102 points already!  We would like to encourage you to visit their page, check out the progress they are making, and maybe become a sponsor.  Don’t forget to like their Facebook page!  To read more, click here.

Sunday Kirsty was posing with Nita for adoption photos.  Nita is an absolutely breathtaking horse, so beautiful.  Nita is looking for a home, she needs an intermediate or advanced rider.  She is 12 years old and is a QH mare.  Her adoption fee is $400.  For more information about Nita and for information on the adoption process, click here.

Candi is enjoying the nice warm weather.  With the warm weather comes flies.  She now has a tail extender for the extra swish to get the flies off.

Sam’s potential adopter came out to look at him and absolutely fell in love with him.  She is so happy that the right match was finally found for her and her family.

Sam’s new mom is a farrier, so we offered that she could work off part of her adoption fee.  She got right to work on Nita, who was due for a trim.

Then she got to work on Patches and help bring his toes back a little more.

She did a great job!  It’s amazing how far Patches has come since he first came to us.

Finally when her work was done she got to pose with Sam for her adoption photo.  We are so happy for them!

Sam was a good boy and loaded right up into the trailer with no fuss at all.

Late Sunday night the rescue rig pulled into the shelter.  A group of rescuers had gone to an auction and saved 12 lives!

One by one they came out of the trailer into a waiting pen.  Not all of them made it to the shelter in the first trip, but transportation arrangements have already been made.

Monday morning Patches was just begging to have a photo taken, at least that’s the way it seemed.  Russ got this absolutely beautiful shot.

The auction horses were settled in and waiting to be evaluated.  We are so thankful that, thanks only to donations from people like you, we were able to save 18 precious lives at auction using April’s Auction Rescue Fund.

There were some stallions in this group, so they were put in box stalls.

Three of the horses from the auction had to be given the Last Act of Kindness.  It is so sad when we see horses that most likely endured the cruelty of Mexican Rodeo tripping, with their ruined legs.

It is SO frustrating that there is a “sport” that will do this to horses  every time the “game” is played.  This is not a sport, it is not tradition, it is simply cruelty that must be outlawed and strongly enforced.  Some states have outlawed tripping, but it still goes on, and the horses still suffer.

The irrigation has been turned on and now the yearly task of keeping up with the broken sprinklers continues.  The horses love playing with sprinklers, which sometimes breaks them.

Angel, the blind filly, was a little confused by the new sound of the water spraying out of the sprinklers.  What could that be?  Don’t worry Angel, you will get used to that sound, you are going to hear it all summer long.

We want to feature Patches journey with us.  Patches came to us back in November 2013 and his hooves where horribly long. Today he looks like a different horse, it has been a long journey of rehab for Patches, but he is looking amazing and his hooves are almost fully recovered!   Help us to continue to be able to help horses just like Patches, donate now: click here.

Thank you all for your support!