Magic and Sadie Smith are doing well in the Extreme Rescue Makeover competition too.  They only have 12 points as Sadie is not sending in her updates, which is giving her a handicap.  From the updates she has sent in Magic is doing very well and is such a gorgeous boy.  To visit their page, and please consider supporting her and giving her some encouragement, click here.

On a totally different note, over the last 3 years there has been claims made that we were involved in stealing 3 horses. This is simply not true. The horses were surrendered by their owner to A Horse’s Dignity, they in turn surrendered the horses to us.  Cathy of Trinity Horse Refuge adopted two of the horses from us, named Fonzie and Velma.  You can read the whole story at this link: http://trinityhorseref.livejournal.com/2480.html It’s a simple case of surrenderer regret.  After surrendering the horses, she changed her mind and has been making up lies ever since.

We got an update from Sam’s home.  Sam was adopted from us on Sunday.  He is doing so well and loves his new home.  He likes his pasture buddy too.

Mya came to us pregnant and was adopted out before she gave birth.  She had her baby now and they are so adorable together!

Clover, who was adopted from us last September, is kicking her heals up with joy in her new home.  She is definitely enjoying the nice sandy arena to run and frolic in.

Tuesday morning the roosters were all waiting in the gator, waiting for Russel to start feeding.  They are definitely a comical flock of fellows.

Jason started getting some of the wood chips spread around the big pens.  The poor tractor has a major water leak in the water pump, so it can only be used for short periods of time.

Kirsty was busy working with and evaluating some of the auction horses.

It will take awhile to get them all evaluated, but in the next few blogs we will get all their pictures and information up.

Missy’s new mom arrived to take her home.  She had been anxiously waiting for her adoption application to be approved.  Everything was finally in order and she was given the A-OK to come pick up Missy.

Missy loaded up like a good girl, we are so happy to see her starting her new life.  We rescued her from the Nevada slaughter auction.  It’s hard thinking that if we hadn’t have rescued her, she would already have been cruelly butchered in a slaughterhouse.  Auction rescues save lives, thanks to donations from people just like you.

About noon Jason hit the road to pick up a couple horses that were being surrendered.  Echo was the first horse that was surrendered.  She is an older broodmare who has some health issues we will be getting checked out.

She loaded right up in the trailer like a good girl and waited patiently to see where her new adventure was taking her.

Back at the shelter a load of Alfalfa/Oat cubes was being delivered.  The drive backed right up…

…opened the door…

…and piles and piles of cubes came out.  There were almost 13 tons of cubes which came out to $4,000.   If you would like to help out with this huge bill we would appreciate it greatly: click here.

Tawnee noticed a new sign beside the shelter fence along the road.  This sign is a very encouraging sign as the paved road coming to the shelter leaves a lot to be desired.  Hopefully this sign means the road is going to be repaired, widened, smoothed and straightened.  We can at least hope!

Jason arrived at the next stop to pick up Eagle.  He is a 21 year old Hanoverian gelding who is trained to ride.  It’s been a few years since he was ridden, but Kirsty will be working with him to refresh his memory and he will be available for adoption soon.

At the office Tawnee was showing a family Max, the goat.  They really enjoyed meeting him…

..and Max did his best to be the best goat he could possibly be.  They were going to talk about it, but hopefully Max will have a home soon.

In the lower pasture the horses and Shadow the cow are enjoying the warm spring days with a pond full of water.  They love cooling off their hooves and drinking the fresh water.  The shelter is definitely heaven on earth for so many animals that have experienced hell on earth.

Jason arrived back at the shelter and the two horses were unloaded.  Russ had a couple stalls ready and waiting for them.  Thanks for your hard work Russ!

Thank you all for your support each and every day!