Monday morning Angel was being a little impatient for her feed.  She started pawing in anticipation, trying to tell Russ to hurry up.

Before long she was enjoying her nice yummy food and she was her happy angelic self once again.

Radar was put in the lower pasture so he could have a little bit of time off while the hormones work out of his system.  He still has a little bit too much testosterone, we believe he was recently gelded.  He will definitely enjoy his time off grazing in the nice green pastures.

In the lower pasture Tawnee thought she spotted something in the pond.  What could it be?

Sure enough, there is a family of Canadian Geese living at the pond.

It is so neat that this pair of geese decided to raise their family at the shelter.  They are so beautiful and it was such a delight seeing them swimming in the pond so serenely.

Daisy and Petunia were finally being adopted!  First of all, they had to get up.  That was a task in and of itself.  They weren’t very happy that their nap was being disturbed by Jason and Russ.  Then the humans were rude enough to make them walk almost 20 feet to the trailer!

Before Daisy and Petunia hit the road, Tawnee decided to be funny and ask Siri (the voice controlled assistant on iPhones) if Siri is a pig.  Siri had a very rude response.  Everyone at the shelter got a good laugh out of it.

We are training a new office worker, you have seen her before as a volunteer exercise rider, but with Kirsty doing a great job keeping the horses exercised and trained, Lydia is going to be working in the office part time to help free up Tawnee from being stuck in the office so much.  Tawnee always says “I didn’t start this organization so I could talk on the phone all day and do paperwork, but if that’s what it takes to save lives, that’s what I’ll do.”

Daisy and Petunia arrived safely at their new home and were unloaded.  Petunia was still disgruntled over her move, but Daisy decided to be sociable.

She went around saying “Hello” to her new neighbors.  Her new neighbor wasn’t quite sure what his mom has brought home now.

Next Jason and Russ had to pick up a horse for the Last Act of Kindness program.  When Tawnee first got the call about the horse, and his owner started explaining the situation, it started seeming more and more familiar.  Tawnee then realized that the horse had been in our organization before.

Back in 2008, she (the lady) was unable to care for him and his buddy who had health problems.  He was surrendered into one of our Last Act of Kindness program clinics, but upon evaluation the vet said he had a good quality of life, so we brought him into our adoption program.  That euthanasia clinic was being covered by the news.  Someone watching the news story stepped up and said they would cover all costs involved so the owner could afford to keep her horse that still had the good quality of life.  You can read that blog by clicking here.

Talking with the lady on Tuesday, she said the person who stepped forward to pay for his expenses and care only did it for a little while and stopped.  She did the best she could, but now with Quevuo being in his 30’s, and failing health, she knew it was time to say “Goodbye.”  It was a sad and tearful goodbye, but we are thankful that she had an extra 6 years with her precious boy.

Thank you for your support of our rescue efforts, thanks to support from people just like you, we are able to help horses like the ones in today’s blog.