Wednesday morning the county was out working on the road.  They were cutting down shrubs and limbs that were close to the road.  We were hoping that this wasn’t the extent of the road work that the permanent “Road Construction” signs were for.

Russell heard Tawnee trying to explain Dottie, our dwarf miniature horse, to someone over the phone.  She explained that Dottie is kind of like a wiener dog, long with short legs, except she’s a horse.  He had to go look at Dottie with this new perspective, and sure enough, she does look like a wiener horse.

We offered the road crew that they could dump some of their wood chips in the pens, and soon their dump truck was backing up.

In short order the chips were on the ground waiting to be spread.  Jason asked the guy about the road work, and he said they are planning on repairing the road from Bangor to past the shelter.  They can’t make it new again, but they’re going to do the best they can.

The tractor guy smoothed out the latest load of wood chips then loaded up his tractor.  He got lots of loads of manure, and we really appreciate all the work he did around the shelter too.

Lydia is doing great in the office, part of her job is scanning all the animal files, starting all the way back in 2003.  It’s a huge job, but she’ll get through it.  There are over 3,000 files, one for each of the animals we have rescued.

Russ spent a good part of the day getting irrigation pipe fixed.  This one was destroyed when the previous occupants drilled a hole, for the fence post, absolutely destroying the sprinkler line.

Two horses were placed in adoption pending yesterday, Bev and Mojo (pictured.)  The potential adopters are anxiously waiting for their adoption applications to be processed.  Some people wonder why we don’t put all the horses on the available page.  The fact is, the horses that make it to the webmaster for updating are the ones that are not quickly put in adoption pending when people see them in the blog or on Facebook.  If you are wanting a horse, and see one you like, please contact us right away.  Bev was put in adoption pending shortly after being featured on Facebook yesterday.

Thank you all for your support!