Thursday morning the staff were hiding in the office hall with a bunch of balloons.  Tawnee was also holding one of her yummy vegan cakes.

It was Russell’s birthday!  He was quite surprised by all the attention, at the Thoroughbred farm he worked at before coming to the shelter they never acknowledged anything like this.  He said it’s the first time anyone has gone out of their way for his birthday in 20 years.

There was enough cake that the two trash guys each got a piece when they were emptying our dumpster.  They got huge smiles, no doubt they very rarely get a piece of cake on the job.

Kirsty had been anxiously waiting for a new fly sheet to come in the mail for Parcy.  Out of all the hundreds of cows we could have rescued, we just had to rescue one that is allergic to flies.  There was no way to know that he was allergic to flies, he was only a day old when we rescued him from certain death at an auction.  This fly sheet will hopefully protect him more.

Before long it was being adjusted and Parcy felt like he was very special.

Russ told Parcy he looked like the most amazing cow he had ever seen.

Kirsty thinks the fly sheet will work perfectly and keep Parcy fly free.

Lydia and Kirsty got busy taking pictures of the horses for our adoption available page.  Eagle is such a beautiful boy, he is a 21 year old Hanoverian gelding who is trained to ride.

If you are looking for a horse, check out our available page.  It is up to date with all of the available horses and other critters.  To see our available page, click here.

Russell got his first lesson trimming horses.  Mojo really needed some hoof care and with some lessons Russ had him fixed right up.  Russ is the 3rd farrier who Tawnee has taught to trim horses.  When Tawnee was a teenager a farrier taught her a lot, and over the years we have hosted a number of bare-foot trimming clinics where Tawnee learned some more.  Tawnee likes to pass on the information so she doesn’t have to do the back breaking work herself.

Boots was put in the round pen and Kirsty went to work evaluating him.  Boots was very unsure of everything at first, but he was somewhat halter trained.

Before long he realized that everything was fine, and that Kirsty was just going to be teaching him new things.  One of the first things she taught him was how to lunge and he caught right on.

Kirsty showed him the stick with the bag on the end.  At first he was quite unsure about that scary object, but then he realized it wasn’t going to hurt him after all.  He even liked nibbling on the bag.

He did so well with the bag that Kirsty introduced him to the tarp.  He followed Kirsty around and around, as Kirsty drug the tarp while leading him.

He mastered that quickly, so Kirsty laid the tarp out on the ground.

He was such a good boy, and so trusting, that he walked right across the tarp with no problem.

Then the tarp went up from off the ground onto his back while he was standing.  He didn’t mind at all.

Then she asked him to move out with the tarp.  Remember, he had only learned how to lunge earlier in the training session, and here he was lunging with the tarp on!

By now she was wondering if he was more trained than she thought.  She put the bit in, and he was absolutely clueless about that.  Really, he couldn’t have had too much training, as this big beautiful boy, who is nearly 15 hands, is only 2 years old.  He is absolutely amazing, catches on to everything very quickly, and is going to be an awesome huge gelding.  The vet examined him and says he is good to go, and will probably mature at another hand high, which will put him close to 16 hands if not taller.  If you are interested in adopting this boy, please click here and follow the directions for putting a hold on him.

Friday was a vet day at the shelter.  He examined Bayo, who came to us with very long hooves and was having a lot of pain in his shoulders when he walked.  We pulled his shoes and got him a good trim, and the vet says he is doing much better.  He’s not 100% yet, but hopefully very soon.

Mojo was examined to make sure that there is no underlying issues we are missing before he is adopted.  He is an off the track Thoroughbred and won around $30,000 for his owners before they kicked him to the curb.

Bev got a vet evaluation too.  She checked out A-OK as well.  She is such a gorgeous horse and should be going home very soon.

Hattie had a flap of skin on her ear that could easily get caught in a bridle or halter.  We asked the vet if he thought we should have it removed, and he said it was a good idea.

Before long she was sedated and her ear was scrubbed down.

Then the vet went to work with his scalpel, and soon her ear looked quite different.

Now Hattie’s ear looks so much better and it’s not too noticeable either.  One ear is just slightly different than the other one.   Hattie couldn’t wait to get back to the barn and show off her expensive plastic surgery to the other girls.

Thank you all for your support!