Sunday morning Kirsty was busy working with Venus.  The auction sold her as a young green broke horse.  When our vet looked at her, he aged her at late teens.  You can never believe what you’re told at the auction.  Mares are often stallions, young horses turn out to be old, and very calm, mellow horses turn out to be sedated.  But it doesn’t matter, we rescue them anyway, evaluate them, and find them wonderful, suitable homes.  We just feel sorry for the horses that are misrepresented, purchased by individuals, who then have to turn around and take them back to the auction or dump them somewhere else.

We got a call right at noon from a person who had come across a very desperate situation.  Out on a local dirt road, where animals are commonly dumped, he found a couple of puppies that were dumped on the road.  Then up the road there were some more.  Some incredibly heartless person drove up the road, no doubt throwing the puppies out the window while they drove.   The good hearted person called us and asked if there was any way we could help him.  Animal Control and the SPCA are all closed on Sunday, and he couldn’t take them, but he certainly didn’t want them to die in the heat.

Of course we said “Yes” and soon he showed up with 5 puppies.

As soon as they were set down they started urinating, and then trying to drink their own urine.  They were so thirsty and dehydrated!  Of course our staff quickly grabbed them…

…a large bowl of fresh clean water was put in front of them, and they all dived in and started gulping water.

Then some food was put up, and they scarfed it up like they hadn’t seen food in a very long time.  It’s so sad what these little guys had gone through, and that someone would have dumped a whole litter of puppies on the road.

After getting them food and water, it was time to get their information into the computer.  They are so incredibly cute!

This is Munchie, a cute little girl.

This little girl is named Stormy.

Bart is an adorable little boy.

Nuna is a sweet little girl.

Zeta has such a cute little face!

Out in the barn, Kirsty was busy introducing Mojo to his potential future aunt.  His potential adopter mom lives about 5 1/2 hours away, and she couldn’t make it up to meet Mojo, so her sister came out to see Mojo.

Mojo is such a beautiful boy and looked absolutely stunning under the English tack.  We hope that his potential aunt has a good report of him and he will be in his new home soon.

There was a potential previous adopter coming out to look at a horse, but Avatar caught her eye instead.

She absolutely fell in love with him and enjoyed riding him so much.  We weren’t sure on his breeding, but after our vet examined him, he decided he is a Norwegian Fjord cross.  He was quite surprised that this beautiful young gelding was at an auction.

She is so excited to have found this boy to add to her family.  She is planing on picking him up soon.

Mr Chicken (Fuzzball) watched from his observation perch as Avatar was untacked.  He approved of the whole situation.

As you know, we are not a dog/cat shelter.  We are not set up to handle dogs and cats long term.  We take them in to shelter them in emergency situations, then we transfer them to Northwest SPCA.  These puppies will be available at the Northwest SPCA after their holding period.  Some people ask why we take dogs and cats to the SPCA when people turn them in to us.  We are a shelter set up to help horses and other farm animals in need, and that is our mission.  However, we do not turn any animal away in need.

 Thank you all for your support of our life saving mission!