Monday morning Russ was, as happens twice a day, loading up the hay wagon with cubes.  The horses are really doing good on the cubes and we are happy we have a large barn where they can be stored safely from the rain.

The puppies were still all sound asleep.  But, soon they were woken up and told they were heading to a doggy shelter.

One by one they were put in individual carrying boxes and said “Goodbye” to.  If you are interested in adopting one, please contact Northwest SPCA, click here. 

We had a horse being surrendered from the Bay Area Boy Scouts.  We are thankful that the director is making sure the horses are cared for, even after they can no longer work for the Boy Scouts.

One of our volunteers was out on Monday, and she was given a surprising task, but a task that needed to be done.  Tawnee asked if she could sew and she said “Yeah.”  Parcy’s fly sheet had gotten stuck and he shredded it trying to get free.  In no time at all she had Tawnee’s sewing machine up and running, and sewed it all back together.

Parcy’s blanket doesn’t quite look the same, but it will still do it’s job by keeping the flies off.

There was a storm brewing Monday night, but all the animals were happy and safe, tucked in for the storm.  They could hear the thunder rolling in the distance.

A few miles away, a tragedy happened.  One of our volunteers who worked a lot at the shelter in 2008 was tragically killed by a drunk driver.  She always kept in touch with us, and she loved horses so much.  She was a great volunteer, and it’s so horrible that her life was taken away at only 20 years old.

This month’s auction fundraiser is in memory of Kimmy.  Kimmy loved rescuing horses, saving them from the cruelty of the slaughter pipeline.  Please donate right now to our Auction Fundraiser in honor of Kimmy.  Please send a note with your donation for Kimmy’s family if you would like, and we will pass it along.  For more information and to donate, click here.

Thank you all for your support!