We have some big, exciting news.  Probably the most exciting news we have ever posted.  The first arrest for shipping horses to slaughter from California has been made!  The law has been in place since 1997, and this arrest is long over due.  The owner of B & B, and the auctioneer, Billy Brown Jr, has been arrested under suspicion of shipping horses to slaughter.  One of our rescuers was kicked out of B & B at the last auction rescue we did there.  Now he’s in jail.  We understand now why he is so hostile towards any legitimate rescue group.  We are dying to tell you all the nooks and crannies of the story, but, we don’t want to impede the investigation.  This is huge, and is only the tip of the iceberg and the beginning of (hopefully) the end of organized criminal behavior of shipping horses to slaughter out of California.  To read the article, click here.

The auction rescue fundraiser, in memory of Kimmy, is doing well but it still has a long ways to go.  We are currently at $1,840 out of our goal of $6,000 for the rescue and care of slaughterbound horses at auction.  There should be no doubt in any ones mind that horses are being shipped from California auctions to slaughter.  Please donate right now to help us save as many as possible, click here.

      Tuesday Kirsty was bringing the two sheep she temporarily adopted from us back to the shelter.  Her landlord came and mowed all the grass down that they were enjoying so much.  We do have another home lined up already for them, so they won’t have to be at the shelter long.

Kirsty has done a great job of training them while they were in her care.  It is so nice that they are trained to lead and are friendly now.

Max, the x-billy goat, was literally leaping for joy to see some friends.  All his goat friends got adopted and he has been quite lonely.  The sheep could care less about his flirting and no doubt they think goats are quite weird.

Kirsty brought up one of her props from last years Makeover competition when she was a contestant.  She wanted to use it as part of her training tools at the shelter.

Layla did good and it will be interesting to see Kirsty use this tool as she works with other horses as well.

Hope is doing really well with Kirsty’s training.  When she came to us from auction she was untrained, but now she is riding nicely in the round pen.

Kirsty is also working on teaching her how to back up and give to pressure.  She is doing so well and we hope to see her on a trail ride soon.

Phoenix is doing a great job of playing Daddy to Angel.  He lets her eat out of his food trough and you can tell he knows there is something wrong and she needs extra help.  Angel seems to really enjoy hanging out with him, no doubt it reminds her of standing by her mom.

Thank you all for your support!  Please remember our auction fundraiser, click here.