Thanks to all of your donations the auction fund is currently at $2,380 out of our goal of $6,000 for the rescue, sheltering and care of slaughter bound horses at auctions.  Please help us reach our goal so we can go to auctions and rescue a lot of horses!  Click here.

Last week Avatar was adopted!  His new mom was so happy to be adopting this lovely boy.

Susan Rexin also came out and donated some trimming time, we are so grateful for her donating her time and expertise.

The horses hooves always look great afterwards too!

On Memorial Day our shelter was closed, but, that didn’t stop us helping animals in need, or any other shelter for that matter.  An Animal Control down by Sacramento made the long trip to bring up 6 roosters that desperately needed a place to go.

They were all settled in their holding cages for the day.

Then Jason and Tawnee headed to another Animal Control, who was also closed, to pick up a pony in need.

We would like you to meet Little Man.  He is such a cute little guy, but he is fearful and shy.

That Animal Control also had a rooster, so we brought that one to our shelter too.

Back at our shelter Little Man got settled into his stall.  He is so cute!

Monday night the roosters were carried out and were set perching next to the other roosters who were already asleep.  It is the best way we have found to introduce new roosters into the flock.  They wake up in the morning, and since they have been next to each other all night, they think everything is OK.

Jason and Russ headed out on Tuesday to pick up a horse who’s owner was no longer able to keep her.  She is a really pretty little Mustang mare.

At the shelter Kirsty was busy working with Layla.  She is doing so well with her lessons.

Kirsty is finally able to ride Layla!  She is going to make an excellent little horse for someone.

Venus has been doing very well with her refreshing lessons.  She is turning out to be an excellent riding horse, and she is beautiful too.  We believe that she had been sitting for awhile before being taken to auction, but she is remembering everything quickly.

She even did great when Jason and Russ were pulling in with the trailer.  She was calm and acted like it was no big deal to have a noisy truck and trailer driving right next to her.

Summer Belle unloaded at the shelter safely.

She appears to have some pretty bad ringbone going on and we will have our vet check her out to make sure she is OK.

After feeding time, and closing time, Eagle was scheduled to go to his new home.

He loaded right up in the trailer, he is such a good boy.  We have really enjoyed having him here at the shelter.

The family that adopted Cash and Asia were adding Eagle to their family!  They are giving him a retirement home as well.  As you can see from the photo Cash and Asia are doing absolutely wonderful.

Eagle’s new mom was so happy as she stood with him for his adoption photo.

Eagle was excited to meet Asia and Cash, no doubt they will be sharing stories together for a long long time.

It was so neat seeing Eagle trotting around his new pasture.  He is such a gorgeous boy.

Tawnee, Lydia and Russell headed out from Eagle’s home for a hardship surrender.

There were three animals being surrendered by an elderly lady who could no longer care for them.  She knew it was time to say “Goodbye” to her dear pets.  It is some of the hardest calls we have to go out on, when folks who have had animals their whole lives realize they can no longer care for them.

This is Izabel, a 4 year old pony who is probably foundered.

There were also 2 llama’s being surrendered.  One of them is between 25 and 30 years old.  The other llama is the daughter of the old llama, and the owner felt really bad as she wasn’t able to train her at all due to her personal health, so the young llama is untrained.  They did get loaded up safely in the trailer.

They arrived safely at the shelter and got unloaded.  One thing to keep in mind, if you ever have to transport a llama, is leave them untied and free in the trailer.  There have been horror stories after horror stories of people who have tied llama’s in the trailer for transporting and the llama breaks their necks.   They usually just lay down and enjoy the ride, and when they’re tied they can’t do that.

Momma llama and her big baby headed off to their waiting stall.

As you can see, the pony’s hooves definitely need attention.  Izabel does seem to have some lameness and soreness going on, we are hoping that she is not severely foundered.

As Izabel was being led to her waiting pen, Tawnee just had to bend down and get the perfect silhouette.  The sunset was so gorgeous!

Tawnee also got another stunning picture as the evening sunset grew deeper.  She’s thinking of having some of her photos mounted in frames and selling them as a fundraiser to help the animals at the shelter.  Do you think that’s a good idea?

Thank you all so much for your support!  Please remember the auction rescues that are coming right up, and please help us reach our goal: click here.