We urgently need your help to reach our goal for saving lives!  We are currently at $2,703 out of a needed $6,000 for auction rescues.  Please help us, even $20 will help us get to our goal.  To help out, click here.

The Extreme Rescue Makeover is right around the corner!  We are very excited about this event, and if you are planning on coming, please sign up on the Facebook event.  If you don’t have Facebook, please email us and let us know you are coming (and how many are coming with you.)  We are having a cruelty free food vendor, and we need to know about how many people are going to be there for them.  To sign up on the Facebook event, click here.

We have an update on Burley Ben.  As you can see, Burley Ben and his mom definitely love each other and enjoy being in each others company.  A few years back…

Burley Ben’s mom was a little younger when her family adopted Ben back in 2008.  She was madly in love with him then, and she still is today.  If you would like to read the blog when Ben was adopted, click here.

Momma Llama and Baby are doing well.  We are concerned about Momma Llama due to her old age and failing health.  Our vet will be checking her out.  Baby is a very healthy spry llama, but she has never been trained.  Kirsty is reading up on how to train llama’s.

Hope is doing very well with her training.  We might bring her to the Extreme Rescue Makeover to feature her as one of our adoptable horses.

Hattie is doing great with her training too.  Kirsty is getting her used to all the desensitizing things.

Hattie is really getting a workout with the big blue tarp all over her.  As you can see from this photo, Hattie is quite calm about it all.

Radar was brought up from the lower pasture.  We gave him some time down there to mellow out, we believe he was recently gelded before we rescued him.  He is such a stunning boy!

Radar is trained to ride and we hope to find him a great home soon.

Nita is looking for her forever home too.  She is a 12 year old Quarterhorse mare.  She is really pretty too!

Layla had a big day planned out for her.  Kirsty felt she was ready for her first ride.

Thanks to Kirsty’s great training and ground work, Layla did great.  She is a 3 year old and is going to make an awesome horse for a lucky someone.

Russ is doing an absolutely splendid job keeping up on all the stalls, feeding and watering.  It’s nice to know that Russ is there to keep everything going out in the barn.

Up in the office a big box arrived.  What could it be?

Inside the box was the great big check for the Extreme Rescue Makeover.

It will be so exciting to see who’s name gets put on this big check the day of the ERM Finale.  You won’t want to miss that!

Also in the big box was a nice new sign metal sign for the shelter.  It will be placed along the road so people can find us more easily and know what our services are.

We have two saddles that are going up for auction soon.  The proceeds from the auctions are going to be help the Extreme Rescue Makeover be a very exciting and successful event for rescued horses.  This saddle is a Circle Y show saddle.

This saddle is a Victor Quality show saddle.  It is stunningly beautiful.  If you are looking for a saddle for the show seasons ahead, keep your eye on the blog for the Ebay listing link when they are up.

A little while back we posted about the Canadian geese who are raising their family in one of our ponds.  The babies are getting bigger and now look like miniature Canadian geese as they lose their baby feathers.  They are so cute!

It was another beautiful sunset at the shelter.  Tawnee is making a collection of her sunset photos that will soon be available for sale!

Please remember our auction rescue fund.  There are so many horses thoughtlessly dumped at auctions with no thought or care that they could easily slip into the slaughter pipeline.  Please help us save these horses, donate now!  Click here.