We really need your help to finish our auction fundraiser!  We are currently at $4,785 out of our goal of $6,000 for the rescue and care of slaughter bound horses.  We have only $1,215 left to go!   To help out, click here.

We have another shirt campaign going on.  Many people asked if we could make a shirt that was more feminine, so Tawnee designed this one.  There are only 3 days left, so get one before it’s over!  To buy a shirt, click here.

Remember in the last blog the saddles were being photographed for the auction?  We would like to feature this beautiful Circle Y Western Equitation 16″ show saddle.  It is so gorgeous, you won’t want to miss it!  This is a great way to get a new saddle and help us all at the same time! To view the auction, click here.

There is a fundraiser trail ride in Quincy this Sunday.  Quincy is a very beautiful place with lots of amazing trails.  We are so thankful that there is a group putting on a fundraiser trail-ride in memory of Kim Blanchard.   To read the announcement, click here.  Tawnee and Kirsty are planning on being there too!

On another note, many of you may remember that the owner of B&B auction in Madera was arrested on suspicion of shipping horses to slaughter.  The Lincoln Horse Auction (not bonded, not licensed, which makes it illegal to hold an auction) recently stated their full support for B&B Auction, which goes to show that Lincoln Horse Auction supports horse slaughter and those that engage in felony behavior by shipping horses to slaughter.

If you missed the news article about Billy Brown, owner of B&B horse auction being arrest, click here.

Sunday morning Russ was cleaning the mare motel.  He does this all the time, and he does such a wonderful job.  We really appreciate his hard work!

We had a couple young followers and animal lovers come to the shelter to do a video project for their school.  They had never met a cow up close and personal before, and were absolutely delighted to meet Parcey.

Parcey and Kristy have had a secret going on for awhile now.  Kirsty has been training Parcey as a “contestant” for the Extreme Rescue Makeover.  Parcey absolutely loves being with people, and this whole new experience has opened up his personality and he loves it as he gets to spend more time with people.  He is doing absolutely amazing being ridden, and he even likes going on trail rides.  You have GOT to watch this video!  Click here.

The girls doing the video project even got to ride Parcey and were amazed on how well he does.

They got to meet Izabell with the long hooves, and saw how the lack of hoof care can cause a lot of suffering.

They also enjoyed meeting the other animals at the shelter and interviewing Tawnee for their project.  When they are done they are going to send us a link, and we will share it with you.

Kirsty has been working with Hope, and she has been doing great in the round pen.  Kirsty decided she is doing well enough to take her first ride in the outdoors.  Hope did absolutely wonderful!

After closing time Kirsty started working with Parcey for the Freestyle event part of the Makeover.  This looks so funny first-hand!  You won’t want to miss the event!

If you haven’t signed up for the ERM Event yet, please do so by signing up on the Facebook event page or emailing us.  To sign up on Facebook, click here.

We are looking for sponsors for the Extreme Rescue Makeover event.  If you would like to sponsor, or your company/ employer, please send them to our newly updated sponsorship page: click here.

Thank you all for your support!