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Monday after closing time, people started frantically pulling up to the shelter saying there were loose horses down the road a ways.  Thankfully the staff had not gone home yet, so Tawnee and Kirsty jumped in the truck with the trailer and headed down to see what was happening.  Sure enough, there were 5 horses along the road just hanging out.

Thankfully they all loaded quickly into the large trailer and nobody got hurt.  It is horrible how often horses get out on the road, it’s always sad news when you see the news about another horse getting loose, getting hit, and killing the horse and the driver.

Soon the big trailer was loaded, turned around, and headed back to the shelter.

The horses were soon settled in at the shelter.  Nobody could be found near the location where the horses seemed to have gotten out of, and the gates were all opened leading to the road.  Asking the neighbors, they finally found someone who knew the property owner.  The owner of the horses called us, and we assured them they were safe.  They said they would be at the shelter the next day to pick them up.

Tuesday morning Jason headed out to pick up two horses that had been left behind on a piece of property that had been sold.

The owners of the loose horses came and were so thankful that we had rescued them off the road.  They were out of state on their anniversary when someone opened their gates.  It’s horrible when people do such malicious and horrible things.

They made several trips taking their horses back to their property.  We are so thankful that we were able to help.

By this time Jason and a volunteer had arrived where the two horses were.  They are both really friendly and came right up to get caught.

The horses are in good shape and it’s easy to tell that someone had cared for them a lot at one point.

The black horse is absolutely stunning.  He appears to be a Tennessee Walker.  They both loaded easily and hit the road for the trip back to the shelter.

Russell got to work installing the new shelter sign.

Angel was quit curious about why the Gator was driving around her pen.  She always hears it while it brings her food twice a day, but what was it doing in the lower part of the pasture?

Russell needed it to stand on so he could install the posts and sign.

The new sign looks absolutely great!

In the afternoon it was planned for an X-Ray technician to come out and take x-rays.  Mojo needed x-rays of his hooves before he is adopted to make sure he is Ok.

His hooves are somewhat flat and pancaked out, and the vet wanted to make sure there aren’t any issues before she committed to adopting him.  The vet believes that with proper hoof care he will be just fine.  Yay for Mojo!

The vet also examined Isabel, the pony who came to us with very long hooves.

The xrays show that with proper care her hooves will be fine.

She got her first trim and her hooves are looking a lot better, but have a ways to go.

It was quite the busy scene in front of our vet room with the vet, X-Ray tech, and helpers all around getting the job done.

Bayo needed to get an xray of his wither area.  It was determined that he had some damage.  He has been getting better since he has come to us, and with more time he should be OK.  He is such a sweet boy and we are hoping for the best.

Jason got back about this time with the two abandoned horses.  They are both so sweet!

They got settled in to their pen.  We are going to call the black horse Magic and the white horse Remmy.

Thank you all so much for your support!