The Circle Y saddle Ebay auction is ending in a few hours at about 4:30 California time.  It’s still a steal at only $465, we are really hoping for a last minute bidding war as every dollar will really help.  To bid on this great saddle, click here.

The shirt campaign is also ending in a few hours, it’s the last chance to get one of these awesome shirts!  We have sold 83 shirts and raised $750!  To buy a shirt, they’re only $19, click here.

There has been some complaint on Facebook that we stole a copyrighted image from another rescue’s logo for the shirt.  The horse image used on the shirt is one of Booster’s free cliparts provided for the shirts.  We tracked down the other rescue’s logo, and as you can clearly see from the image below, it’s similar but is obviously not the same.

Thanks to every ones donations, and the t-shirt campaign check arriving from the first shirts, the auction fundraiser is finished.  We can’t thank each and every one of you who donated what they could to help save lives.


 Magic was featured in the last blog, and there were a lot of people who really wanted him.  Those who followed our blog long enough knew exactly what to do: put an adoption hold in ASAP to be first in line.  So yes, Magic is in adoption pending to a very lucky home.

Kirsty of course had to evaluate him.  He saddled right up with no problem.

He lunged without any trouble and is a very fancy mover with his Tennessee Walker gait.

He rides very well too.  He is such a stunning and beautiful boy.

Remmy was the next horse to be evaluated.

He saddled right up and Kirsty began lunging him.

Magic, on the outside of the barn, was trying to look through the windows to watch his buddy getting evaluated.  He even stood up on the concrete to get a better perspective.

Remmy did good, he’s a little spoiled, and has probably been sitting for awhile, but Kirsty is getting him tuned back up.

Remmy is really a pretty looking boy too.  He is 17 years old and is a Mustang gelding.

Kirsty got busy working with Nita.  She was going to get a bath!

It was really funny watching her try to drink out of the hose.  She really enjoyed cooling off too.

Many of you have seen Mr Chicken in the blog.  He was adopted by Kirsty and lives at the shelter.  He always goes around looking for goodies.  He really struck it good today…

Russell dropped his bag of jelly beans!

He really went to town trying to peck those jelly beans through the bag, it was so cute.

Peggy O’Neil is getting so big!  Her collar had to be lengthened as she was growing so much.

It’s hard to believe that a few months ago she was tiny, fluffy and trying to figure the world out.

Thank you all for you support!