Adam McEwen is a HERO!!  Adam McEwen’s investigation is responsible for the 1st California Kill Buyer arrested and charged for shipping horses to slaughter! Adam McEwen did what no other law enforcement detective has ever done. A law was passed in 1998 to protect horses from slaughter in California. This is the first time that it has ever been enforced. Adam McEwen worked hard and dedicated a month and half, 24/7 to this investigation, to make sure justice would be served.
We must acknowledge this hero for horses! Let’s send this hero the fan mail he deserves!
Please take the time to acknowledge this hero for horses and send a hand written note thanking him for all his hard work for horses, send it to:
Madera County Sheriff’s S Department

Att: Adam McEwen
14143 Road 28
Madera, CA 93638

Saturday night we were able to rescue 7 horses from an auction.  At 5 am Sunday morning Jim and Laura pulled out of the shelter to pick up the 7 auction.

Angel was quite confused about all the noise so early in the morning.  Usually the shelter is so peaceful that early.

A fundraiser trail ride was happening in Quincy, so Tawnee, Lydia and Kirsty were getting ready to go on that.  Parcey wasn’t too thrilled about getting disturbed at 6:30, but once Kirsty explained she was going to be riding him, he didn’t mind.  Everyone loaded safely and hit the road.

Meanwhile the big truck and trailer were safely on their way to the auction.

They arrived early and started loading the horses into the trailer.

Before long everyone was safely tucked in for the long drive back to the shelter.

Up in Quincy Kirsty and Tawnee were pulling in to the trail ride.  The trail ride fundraiser was named Ride for a Reason, and it was in honor of a community member who had tragically lost her fight with cancer.  She really loved horses, and it was so neat that her friends and community chose to honor her in this way.

We took Venus along for the trail ride, she is one of the adoptable horses.  We put “Adopt Me” on each side of her rump.

Parcey was excited about going on a trail ride again.  He is really a people pal and loves hanging out with people so much.

Parcey also got to meet one of the Extreme Rescue Makeover contestants and her horse, Kaydence.  Kaydence was a little confused about Parcey, but soon realized he was OK.

The trail ride was very beautiful and very scenic.  Everyone got a kick out of riding with a cow, he was doing just as well as the horses.

Venus did absolutely amazing on the trail ride too. No one seemed interested in adopting her, as they already had their trail horse.  She is going to make some lucky adopter an amazing horse.

There was quite a group of riders riding for a reason.  It was neat to see such a great turnout.

After the trail ride everyone had the opportunity to cool off in the creek.  Parcey showed some of the horses that standing in water isn’t scary at all.

After the ride everyone had a chance to spray off their horses and hang out for awhile.

After the event they were very excited to present the checks they had collected for Horse Plus.  Thank you all so much for putting on this event, it was so much fun!

Back at the shelter a group of kids really enjoyed touring the shelter and meeting the critters.  We always love when kids are able to come to the shelter and meet the animals first hand.

The rescue rig finally got back with the precious load and backed up to the unloading chute.

Donny’s Chick, a registered Pinto mare, was happy to get off the trailer.  She is 8 years old and is very pretty.

This is Jamala Jalala, a registered Arabian mare who is 13 years old.  She was separated from her friend at the auction, but thankfully she was rescued by another rescue and we are hoping to reunite them.

This is Zoee, a pretty bay mare.

This is Rollo, a very great looking young gelding.

This is Chaplin, a gelding.

This is Tanner, a young stud colt who is going to be a gelding soon.

This little guy is a a young colt too, and his name is Merlin.

Thank you all for your support, and all those that donated to the auction rescue, thank you for helping us save lives in a huge huge way!