The Extreme Rescue Makeover is next Sunday!  We are incredibly busy preparing for the event, and we hope that you will come support the trainers and all the hard work they have put into their horses.  The shelter will be closed on Sunday the 22nd, none of our staff want to be at the office all day, and everyone’s help is going to be needed at the Makeover.  If you are coming, you can sign up on the Facebook event if you want to.  You certainly don’t need to sign up, just show up at the gate at 10:00.

Wednesday Kirsty was busy hanging fliers all over Chico, Oroville and beyond.

Meanwhile at the shelter, our vet was busy working with the horses.  He was preparing to geld the stallions we rescued at the last auction.  Merlin was the first “lucky” guy to get gelded.

While Merlin was recovering in the recovery stalls, Tanner was preparing for his surgery.   The vet looked at his teethe and determined he is only a year and a half old.  He is a big boy already and is going to make an absolutely stunning gelding as he matures.  It was a busy vet day and a lot of horses got examined besides the gelding surgeries.

Max the goat finally found his forever home.  Pastor Larry fell in love with this handsome guy.  They have a great goat pen and we know Max is going to get lots of love and treats.  Max looked quite proud to have a new dad.

Wednesday evening Tawnee snapped this incredibly gorgeous picture.  Tawnee loves taking sunset silhouette pictures, and she is hoping to start printing, framing and selling pictures to help fund the shelter.

Thursday morning early Jason, Hope and Magic were on the road.  Hope and Magic were being adopted to two different people, and we wanted to get them placed before the busy weekend with the Horse Expo.

First Hope was delivered to her home.  She wasn’t too keen for photos that early in the morning, but she is so happy to finally have her forever home.

Next Magic was taken to his new home.  He trotted over to see his new friends over the fence right away.  He is such a lucky boy!

As soon as Jason got back he started working on getting some more brochures done for the Expo.  This paper folder has been used quite extensively since we bought it years and years ago.  When we first bought it, our receptionist at the time said “Why did you spend money for that?  I could fold the paper by hand!”  Years later, several receptionists and many thousands of paper folded, it definitely turned out to be a good investment.  It will fold literally hundreds of paper into tri-fold, or whatever fold we want, in just minutes.

Spunky and Parcey’s costumes were getting finalized and ready to go!  All the tables, chairs, decorations, signs, posters, and everything else was loaded up and ready to go.

Jason, Tawnee and Russ headed down on Thursday evening to get the booth set up.  All the years we’ve been doing booths we’ve never hung a solid colored backdrop before.

Spunky believes it is the best looking booth he has ever been at.  Of course, it’s also the only booth he’s ever been at, but we agree that it is very attractive.

Here is a collage of booths we have had through the years, you can click on it to make it bigger.  Each year our booth gets better and better, although we do miss our beloved Macho Man.  It is so sad that colic took him from us at such a young age.

Friday the Expo started and people started walking through.  There didn’t seem to be as many people at the Expo this year, and the horse auction that is generally a high-priced auction, had registered trained beautiful horses selling for $250-$800.  Some of the horses did bring higher prices, but it was really sad seeing such low prices at the Western States Horse Expo horse auction.

This is the aerial view of our booth.  Russ did a great job talking to people as they came through the booth.

Outside Spunky and Parcey were having a serious discussion.  Parcey says he is the most attractive attraction at the Expo, and Spunky says he is because he gets more hugs and high-fives.  Parcey countered by arguing that giving rides is far more attractive than prancing around in a silly costume.  They finally agreed to disagree and start spreading joy to the Expo attendees!

Pacrey was a huge hit!  It’s amazing how many people had never even pet a cow, and some people said they were never going to be able to eat one again.  It’s always amazing when people meet their “meat” and find out how sweet, kind and affectionate they are.  They start thinking differently about their food choices.

Parcey even gave out a few rides if there was a large enough donation made to the shelter.

One of the riders made Parcey take a double look, he thought he got x-ray vision somehow.  Don’t worry Parcey, they are a rider with Anatomy in Motion, and were wearing a skeleton suit.

We made sure that Parcey and Kirsty got plenty of rest too. They both worked incredibly hard and we can’t thank them enough.

On Sunday Spunky got a big red bucket and asked for donations when people were taking pictures of Parcey.  Who can resist the horse shaking it’s feed bucket, asking for green stuff to be put in?  It is very very hot inside Spunky, and one way to cool down is drink ice cold lemonade.  We would like to thank Jason, Jim and Tawnee who suffered the heat inside the suit.

Parcey made so many new friends and was a great ambassador for Horse Plus.  If you would like to “like” Parcey’s Facebook page, click here.

Thank you all for your support!  The Expo was a success and we broke even on the expenses.  Expo’s are never really fund-raising events, they are good public relations though!