Extreme Rescue Makeover This Sunday!

The Extreme Rescue Makeover is this Sunday and as you can imagine our staff have been working overtime getting ready.  Just a reminder that the shelter will be closed this Sunday so all of the staff can work at the Makeover event.

There were so many things that needed to be done for such a large event, we can’t thank our hard working staff and volunteers enough!  One of the tests is riding over a bridge, and since we don’t have an extra bridge at the shelter, Jason got to work making one.

Kirsty was busy working on the Hanging Noodle obstacle while Russ painted the recently made bridges.

The barrels received a fresh coat of paint too.

One of the many thousands of things that had to be done was writing individual numbers on the spectators wrist bands.  Kirsty’s wrist no doubt got a good workout writing so many numbers.

As there is no PA booth at Camelot Equestrian Park, Kirsty offered to let Jason set up the PA equipment on the back of her flatbed truck.  Jason says it should work great!

We hope to see you at the Makeover, remember, the shelter will be closed this Sunday!