Extreme Rescue Makeover – Grand Finale 2014

We know that the blogs have been really sparse.  The simple reason is, everyone has been incredibly busy getting ready for the Horse Expo and then the Extreme Rescue Makeover the very next weekend.  Literally thousands of hours of planning and preparing have gone into the two events, but we believe the results are worth the effort.

Kirsty did a lot of work writing up descriptions of the events for the judges, and she also helped build props.  Tawnee did hundreds of hours of formatting the information, writing books for the judges and contestants, and much much more.

Finally the last preparations were being done and Kirsty’s truck was loaded down with hay for the Hay Maze for the Trail Trials, and the last props were being loaded in her truck.

Early Sunday morning our staff arrived at the Camelot Equestrian Park.  A lot of the contestants and spectators had already arrived and the camping area was already very full.

All the staff and volunteers were very busy getting everything set up.  The Hay Maze trial looked so tight and small to Jason, but Kirsty said it was just right.

Then the Pool Noodles, or poodles as Kirsty calls them for short, were hung between a couple trees.  Larry supervised to make sure they were just right.

Without a minute to spare it was check-in time.  The trainers all signed in, got their packets and were waiting for the Trail Trial walk-through.

Kirsty led the way on the Trail walk-through.  She did a great job explaining each of the obstacles and what was expected.

Larry and other staff and volunteers were manning the parking booth.  Vehicles were lined up waiting to buy their tickets and go park.  We had no idea how many people were going to come for sure.

Then it was time for the Citizenship Tests to begin.  The horses had to show they were well rounded on their ground work and ready to live in Humanville.  There were vet-checks…

…trailer loading tests…

…tacking up test and a lot more.  The horses for the most part all did great, which shows what great trainers we had in this competition!

Next it was time for the Trail Trial Citizenship test.  Some of the horses were confused as to why a cow was in the tests, but the horses all snickered to each other they were going to put that cow in last place.

One of the obstacles was a water hazard that the horses had to go through.

And there was a log jump, among others.

Between the Citizenship Test and the Compulsory Maneuvers we had some horses that had been adopted from us show their stuff.  These horses are Major Tom, the horse closest to the camera, and Gumby.  Major Tom does Mounted Security work at concerts and other large events.  Gumby, in the back, was rescued by us then transferred to Trinity Horse Refuge.  He is in training to be a security horse too.

We also had another group entertaining the crowd.  We would like to thank Hope for Horses for coming out and putting on a great show.

Miracle Moon, who was in our 2013 Extreme Rescue Makeover also came to the event.  She is still with her trainer, but is looking for a forever home.  She is a very beautiful horse!  She needs a home where the person wants to do a lot of riding.  If you are interested in Moon, please contact us.

Then the Maneuver Test began.  Horses had to do different maneuvers in the arena to show what they had learned during the training time.  This is Ann with Shatki doing a sidepass over the logs.

We would like to thank News 10 for being at the Makeover, filming for a news story.

At the end of the Maneuver Test ribbons were given to the contestants, showing which order they placed for the Citizenship Test.  We could hardly believe that Parcey placed 4th and missed being in 3rd place by 2 points.  The horses quit snickering at him and realized he was a serious contender.  Of course, since Kirsty our trainer was the one competing on Parcey, he wasn’t eligible for ribbons or prizes.  It was interesting how well he did competing against horses.

There was a lot of people wearing the “I Love Horse Plus” shirts we had sold as a Booster Fundraiser.  We can’t thank them enough for showing their support!

Before the Freestyle Event Tawnee looked over to see how the parking was going, and was pretty shocked to see there were still lines of people waiting to come in.  We had no idea how many people for sure were coming, but in the end it was over 300!

Opening the Freestyle Event, Willow, our 2013 2nd place winner, was there to do a performance with her adoptive mom.

And, Miss Daisy, winner of the 2013 Extreme Rescue Makeover did a beautiful performance with her adoptive mom as well.  To watch the video of the performance, click here.  It has a wonderful narration and it very well may bring you to tears.

One by one the contestants went through the Freestyle.  It was so neat to see their unique training and showing talents.  Joey couldn’t quite get Roscoe to go up on the platform during his event, but right after the music stopped and the judges had written their score Roscoe had no problem hopping up and the crowd with wild with joy.

One of the more entertaining  shows was called “Cops and Roberson” put on by Megan Roberson on Gunnar.  She posed as the “Horse Plus Sheriff Department” and had a shootout with the robber.  It was was all very entertaining while Gunnar laid down to give Megan some cover from the robber’s return fire.  Of course they were toy guns, but it was  a great show.

Parcey also had a lot of people laughing during his Freestyle Performance.

Cheyenne and Li’ll Brother did a very winning performance for their Freestyle.

Finally everything was done and it was time for the points to be all added up to find out who the 2014 Extreme Rescue Makeover winner would be.

We would like to thank Liberty for Horses for sponsoring the Jame Slack Band to perform live at the award ceremony.  They sounded great and were very accommodating to our award ceremony.

When the points were added up it was time to present the top 3 trainers with their Big Check, ribbon and trophy.  Tawnee was hiding behind the backdrop waiting to present the awards.  Ann Burnes on Shatki won 3rd place and won $250!

Then, the top two were called up front, Joey and Cheyenne.  One of them had won $5,000 and the other won $750.  Jason took his own sweet time, talking on and on about what they would do with the money if they won, who the crowed thought did the best, driving their anticipation and eagerness through the roof.  It was so priceless watching their faces.

We are pleased to announce Cheyenne Emerson is the 2014 Extreme Rescue Makeover winner!  She did great along the whole journey and was presented with the $5,000 check.  We would like to thank the Let’em Run Foundation for sponsoring half of the prize money for the first place.  We would also like to thank our other sponsor Walmart for contributing to the Makeover as well.

The top 3 trainers got together for one last pose.  They all did such a great job and we are so thankful for the trainers who did such a great job training the wild horses.

To watch the News 10 newscast about the Makeover, click here.

Thank you all for your support!