The month of June has been so incredibly busy for all of our staff!  There was the Western States Horse Expo, the Extreme Rescue Makeover Grand Finale, and to top it off Tawnee and Kirsty are working part time at a local kid’s camp.  We rescued a total of 41 animals in June.  They were 35 horses, 5 cats and 1 goat.

   We got a box of Lead Ropes delivered to the shelter.  They were from Big D’s Harness Shop, we’re not sure who ordered them for us but we would like to thank them!

  We had a lot of adoptions in June as well, not all of them were featured on our blog.  This is Mojo before he headed out to his new home.  The farrier was there that morning so he got a nice trim before heading out.

Our farrier also did a great job on a lot of other horses this month.  Tawnee taught her how to use the grinder, and she absolutely loves it for doing draft horses!  She said she was going to go out and buy herself one.

11 of the horses that we rescued this month were loose horses on the road within a mile of the shelter.  It really confused our staff as to why there were so many loose horses.  All the horse owners were found and most were very grateful that their horses were safely at the shelter.  Just last Friday morning before 8:00 am there was someone honking at the gate and said there is a loose horse up the road.  Jason and Tawnee headed off and sure enough, a loose horse.  They haltered him and led him to a stall at the shelter.

On Friday evening another car came to the gate saying there was a loose horse up the road.  Sure enough, yet another horse needed to be haltered and led to the shelter.

Over the weekend the horses owner was found and she was extremely grateful to get her horses back safely.  She believes the road work is to blame for the loose horses in the community.  They removed a lot of brush along the road which exposed a lot of fencing that needed to be repaired.  And we all know that horses will find a weak spot in the fencing very quickly.  We are thankful that we were able to keep these horses safe, they could have been hit so easily on the road.

The owner of the loose horses on Friday had us microchip the horses.  We were very glad to do that for her.  Microchipping your animal is a great way to have a better chance of them finding their way home if they ever get lost.

On Sunday Kirsty was busy working with some of the horses.  Cinnamon was rescued at the Nevada slaughter auction, got her coggins and quaratine done, and was finally able to be at the shelter and ready for evaluation.  She is a very pretty horse, but doesn’t know a whole lot.

Windsong is coming along nicely in her training.  She is giving to pressure nicely and Kirsty is almost ready to really start riding her.

We had a large number of owner requested euthanasia surrenders in June.  So many elderly horses in their 30’s with failing health.  Each one is so loved by their owners, but they knew it was the right time to make the hard decision to say “Goodbye.”  We are so thankful that we have the Last Act of Kindness program available to people who cannot afford the high price of euthanasia.

Parcey has been really busy this month too.  His ears perked up when Tawnee told him that there was yet another event he was attending.

Parcey was headed to a Vacation Bible School to give kids rides and to teach kids that cows are so sweet.  Tawnee does some education with Parcey about the cruel facts of factory farming.

Parcey loves giving rides to kids and the kids really love him too.

Parcey has been attending Vacation Bible Schools in the area since 2011.  He has been a great attraction and educator.

Parcey has his own Facebook page, so if you have a Facebook account, you should like his page!  Click here.

Thank you all for your support in June!  We can’t wait to meet all the new animals we are going to rescue in July with your support!