Auction Rescue – July 7th 2014

We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated to make this month’s auction rescue possible.  What really made this auction possible were the many people who donated $25 and $50 to make it happen, each dollar, each donation, it all really added up and we met our goal.  Again thank you for making the saving of 10 lives from the horrors of the slaughter pipeline possible.

Saturday night our rescuer was at the auction bidding on the horses.

After the auction the horses got settled in for what remained of the night at the auction, the rescue rigs would be coming to get them first thing in the morning.

We would like you to meet all 10 of the horses that were saved.  This is High Cat, he is a registered TB off the track.  He only made $620 in his 3 starts, and was dumped at auction.  It really doesn’t matter how much a racehorse earns, once their racing days are over, if they’re not used for breeding, they are deemed worthless and shipped out.  To read his database profile, click here.

This is a very thin TB mare with no tattoo, so she was never raced.  Her name is Danzer.

Danzer is really skinny, we will be having our vet check her out to see if there is anything medically wrong with her.

This is a pretty Arab mare.  Her name is Tess.

This is a very senior horse, he could be up in his 40’s.  It always breaks our hearts to see people dumping their senior horses at auction.  We have chosen Banner as his name.

Banner is very skinny, poor old guy.

This is Mikala, a very flashy paint mare.

This is a little pony gelding named Corey.

This filly is named Doodle Bug.

She had dried snot hanging out of her nose, and she had a very runny nose.

This is a little pony gelding named Dobbs.

Butterfly is a very cute mare.

This colt doesn’t like having his picture taken apparently, but his name is Roman.  He appears to have a lot of pain and problems going on in his hip.  He too will be checked out by our vet as will all the auction horses.

Early Sunday morning the rescue rigs headed down to the auction.  Once they arrived the horses were sent up the loading chutes to the trailers.

It’s always so nice seeing the horses walk to the trailer, knowing they are heading to safety instead on down the slaughter pipeline.

The first 7 were loaded in the big trailer, they were quite curious about what their future would hold.  No doubt Corey was hoping for the best.

After the 1st trailer was loaded, the 2nd trailer was backed up to the loading chute.  Three of the horses were loaded into this trailer.

Before long everyone was ready for the long trip back to the shelter.

At the shelter everyone unloaded safely into the waiting quarantine area.

Banner looked very relieved to finally arrive at his destination.  His skin clings tightly to his bones, he definitely is quite skinny.

Doodle Bug was led to a separate quarantine area to make sure her sickness doesn’t spread.

We always wish we could tell the horses we rescue that everything is OK now so the fear in their eyes could go away faster.  Given a few days of love, care, good food and good clean water makes them so much more relaxed than when we first rescue them.

Thank you again for your donations to the auction rescue fund!  We couldn’t have saved these 10 horses from slaughter if it hadn’t have been for your help.