There’s been many horses surrendered and adopted that haven’t made it on the blog.  In this blog you will see a few of them.

Painter was adopted by one of our previous adopters.  He is such a good boy and we know they will give him a wonderful home.

The family also adopted Venus.  We are so thankful that these two are going to such a great family.

Another family came to the shelter and absolutely fell in love with Bayo, and as you can see, Bayo fell in love with them too.

Bayo is a good boy, and his new mommy enjoyed riding him.  They put an adoption hold on him and are anxiously waiting for their adoption application to be processed.

Bayo has come a long ways since we rescued him at a slaughter auction in Nevada in April.  His feet were really long, he had fractured bones in his withers, and he was under weight.  We are so thankful that he has recovered and has a wonderful home lined up.  This picture is when he was rescued in April.

Tuesday Kirsty and Tawnee were busy getting acquainted with the auction horses.  Tess is such a love and snuggled right up to Kirsty, just soaking all the attention in.  She had a very matted and mangled mane with a huge knot in it.

They got to work, and before long the matted knot was gone.

Tess was evaluated for her potential riding ability.  She was bridled up and she seemed to know what it all was and how to give to pressure.

Sure enough, Tess is trained to ride.  She most likely has been sitting for awhile or had an inexperienced trainer, but in no time at all she will be all refreshed.

Mikala was the next horse to be evaluated.  She is very nervous and doesn’t seem to trust humans.  She seemed to know what the bridle was though.

Kirsty believes that whoever had Mikala before was a very bad trainer and gave her a lot of pressure with never a release or reward when she did something good.  Most likely the trainer pretty much ruined her and then dumped her at auction because she was a “bad horse.”  Kirsty will work with her and do her best to undo what someone else has put this horse through.

Another horse that recently came into the shelter is Ima Comet Cowgirl.  Cowgirl is a registered Half Arab, also registered in the National Quarab Horse Association.  She is 6 years old.  She is a very spoiled acting horse and likes to be dominate over humans.  She is going to need a lot of work to teach her that humans are the boss.  We believe that she would do best in an endurance home, she seems to have limitless energy.  She is so beautiful though!

Patches has been doing very well.  His feet are almost completely recovered.  He really enjoyed a lot of nice grooming and a bath by a visitor.

When Cowgirl was done being worked with she got a nice spray off to cool her off after her exercise.  Patches had the look of “What? I’m getting another bath?”

Cowgirl is so beautiful, we’re sure someone will want to adopt her soon.  If you are interested in adopting her, please visit our website for information on the adoption process: click here.

Thank you all for your support!