Wednesday was a slow day, but we had some people come out who are interested in adopting a companion for their horse.

Tess tried to steal their hearts.  She is such a sweet horse and loves soaking up love and attention.  They are going to submit their adoption application, and once they are approved, come back and find their horse a buddy.  No doubt they will have already fallen in love with the horse they end up adopting.

Thursday was a very busy vet day. 16 horses were evaluated by the good Doctor, including Candi.

The horses rescued at the last auction were all evaluated by the vet for soundness and quality of health.

Some of the horses from the June auction rescues were examined as we had some questions about whether their behavior was because of temperament or if there was something medically going on.

The vet examined Patches and says his hooves are looking great.  The vet recommended we put boots on him for about a week off and on to see how he does with those.

He sure moves out nice, even trying to figure out what is stuck on his feet.  When he was let loose from his lead in the pasture he trotted off.  Guess he likes his boots!

As the vet was leaving a horse came in to be surrendered.  He had a few issues so the vet checked that horse out too.  He has some soreness in his back, but it might be because of a situation that happened previously and the vet is hoping he will be OK with a bit of rest and recovery.

Layla has been doing so well in the round pen with Kirsty’s training, she is even doing side passes now!

Kirsty decided the big day had arrived and it was time for Layla’s first trail ride.  So out the gate she rode…

…down to the pond.  She did great on the trail ride, but was a little hesitant to get her hooves wet.  Kirsty got off to show her it was just water.

Nita has been at our shelter since last December and no one has been interested in adopting her.  Tawnee’s personal horse recently passed away from colic torsion, and she has decided to adopt Nita.  Nita showed Layla that the water wasn’t scary at all, and it was even fun to splash in.

Finally Layla decided it would be Ok to get in, and once she was in she loved it.

Layla did the best of any horse on their first trail ride that Kirsty has trained at the shelter, and we know that she will make some lucky adopter a great horse.

Thank you all for your support!  We really appreciate it!